Modern and Traditional Living Room

How to Blend Modern and Traditional Home Designs

Have a new home to decorate or just want a change in décor? If so, you’re not alone. Homeowners like a change every now and then. It keeps things fresh and current — plus, by adding a few pieces, you don’t have to redo an entire room. However, if you’re like most, you may have a lot of existing furniture or heirloom pieces to incorporate. This doesn’t usually pose a problem unless you’re going from one style to another — like traditional to modern. Then, it gets a bit tricky. Try these tips to ensure success by blending styles without making your home look too eclectic.

Give Interest to Your Lighting

Getting a bit of modern flair is easy when it comes to lighting. It’s one area where you can safely add modern flair even if your home has traditional elements like crown molding or archways. You can also consider light fixtures that have a touch of retro style in combination with a modern looking home.

Funky Rugs

It’s easy to mix traditional and modern when you add an element of fun. Rugs are a great way to throw in a touch of zing without having to transform an entire room. Try rugs that have geometric designs or large shapes that bring out colors within the room. You’ll be able to add in coordinating pieces to help boost any modern edge.

Dining In

Traditional dining rooms can often seem boring when it comes to aesthetics. To add a bit of spice to your design, try sticking with your traditional table and simply replace the chairs. Mixing modern dining chairs with a traditional table can turn out wonderfully. Bring in other elements like fun china patterns and artwork to help merge your styles.

The Modern Bath

Having to work with traditional placements of bath elements is pretty standard — sometimes, you just can’t move plumbing fixtures around. However, you can still upgrade your old tub with an improved modern soaker. Adding a freestanding tub to any bathroom can immediately bring it up-to-date and give it a more modern feel.

Pops of Color

Adding a bit of unexpected color also works well when blending traditional with modern. Try painting one wall or perhaps a trey ceiling with a bright new hue. The unexpected twist will add interest as you are able to then coordinate other elements like chairs, lamps or even throw pillows.

Points of Interest

If you’re really looking to add elements that will blend, start by adding a few pieces of modern artwork to a room. Modern artwork can help bring the styles together without a lot of fuss. Plus, you’ll be able to look for pieces that add color and conversation. If you prefer sticking with photography, you can aim for a more modern feel by using a grouping with large frames and matting. Look for matting with bold or non-traditional colors for even greater charm.

Mixing the Anchors

When it comes to mixing larger pieces, try bringing in at least two or three modern pieces among your traditional furniture. Think about pieces that are easy to incorporate — consider accent chairs, end tables, coffee tables or ottomans, and even wardrobe or shelving. These pieces are easy to change out and mix well with heirloom pieces.

Remember, when mixing two different styles, keep it simple. Stick with just a few pieces per room. Add in the additional styles to help accent the main points of interest. It’s always best to make your accent pieces the alternate style of the home. If you have a more traditional home, add in the modern accents or vice versa. Have fun, and don’t forget to incorporate the elements that you love most.

Be sure to seek professional input and contact us if you are still unsure about how to approach your home redesign. Blending modern and traditional styles can be a challenge that our experts would be happy to assist you with. After all, it’s our job to help make your visions come alive!

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