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Small Touches That Add Luxury to Any Home

Living in your dream home has its perks. It could be a spectacular view or an immaculate outdoor space that you’re most proud of. However, if you’re still looking to complete your dream home or just want to freshen up your current dwelling for an added luxurious feel, then you may want to take these designer tips into consideration.

A Great First Impression

Having a great entryway will naturally greet guests and welcome you home with elegance. Add designer touches like a well-placed mirror to set the room. You can also add function by including a small, storage chest that blends well with its surroundings. Place a bench or sitting area for comfort. Don’t forget an elegant lamp or hanging fixture to welcome you home at night. Top off your entryway with a great piece of art to add personality.

luxury entrance

Add Fine Details

Finishing out your home with finer details is a sure way to get people to take notice. Added touches like crown molding, baseboards and chair rails will add designer flair and increase your home value. It’s the equivalent of adding a frame to a photograph — it provides added elegance.

Other finishing details like doorknobs and cabinet pulls are recommended for higher-end upgrades. For example, you’ll want to look into getting a high-quality faucet that is both durable and chic. Both kitchen and bath areas can benefit from these luxurious enhancements.

Set The View

Great luxurious homes always include beautiful drapery. Look for curtain rods that make a statement when decorating a more traditional home. If your home is more modern, you will want to go with a lighter drapery with a hidden rod. Same is true for fabrics. For a more traditional look, you’ll want to go with heavier and warmer fabrics that create a fuller appearance. While for a more modern feel, go with a lighter and cooler fabric for a minimal feel.

Layer Materials

Start from the floor up when layering. Use a great area rug. Add throw pillows and blankets to create more warmth. Use these pieces to provide an accent color scheme, but don’t skimp on material. A higher-end throw pillow instantly helps your room feel more lavish. In the bedroom, layer your bedding. Use additional blankets and multiple pillows to create a sense of relaxation and comfort.


A Well Lit Plan

It’s important to pay attention to lighting too. Keeping light fixtures current will establish a nice ambiance. If your dining area has great features and furniture, top it off with a fabulous light fixture. Look for fixtures that make a statement but don’t overpower a room. Fixtures are meant to provide function but can act as a great accent piece. Don’t forget your switchplates — while it’s only a small detail, go for high-end versions that include light-dimming features. It’s always helpful to have the option to adjust the brightness in different spaces.

Have a Focal Point

When decorating, create a focal point for each room. If your home has a great architectural detail, show it off and incorporate it into your design. Most built-in focal points are easy to spot and incorporate. Details like a fireplace, bookshelf or a staircase add instant beauty. You and your guests will be drawn to these areas instantly.  By highlighting them into your design, you will play up the elegance of each room.

Luxury focal point

Creating a luxurious home may take some time. However, if you simplify your look and create a neat and organized space, you will immediately feel relaxed. Look to use colors that help promote the style of your home — warmer tones for a traditional home or cooler tones for a modern home. Using these tips over time will add luxury with ease.

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