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Top 10 Home Design Tips

Here are top 10 home design tips to help you achieve the results you want …

Set Reachable Goals … this should be your very first step – the establishment of goals that are sensible and that you can accomplish. That means you should not be thinking about major renovation, but, instead, purchasing items you can afford that will transform your home.

Set a Sensible Budget … you’d probably like to spend endlessly to get “the very best” furnishings, art and more to create “your personal palace.” But, if that’s going to cost too much, it’s obviously not realistic. Create a spending plan you can afford … and stick to it.Get “Samples” and Bring them home …Visit home design stores and ask for small samples and swatches of fabrics, patterns and colors, even window treatments, rug samples and more so that you can return home with them and judge them more accurately in the room where you want them. It will be easier to determine if a pattern or color is right when you hold it up in the room in your home where you want to use it.

Use a Design Board … Employed by professional interior designers, it will help you to figure out if all the colors, patterns and fabrics you’ve acquired work well together.

Sketch a simple floor plan … this is a critically important step because it will help you determine – in advance – if the furniture you want to buy will fit in the room where you want to use it.

Update or improve your lighting … here’s another important step. If you’re going to “revitalize” the rooms in your home, effective, modern lighting will highlight the design changes you make. So, follow this Home Design Tip – remove your old lamps and replace them with new, stylish lamps and clever overhead lighting.

Be aware of the square footage available to you … make sure you know the actual size of the room you’re working on before you spend money on furniture. It would be an awful financial loss if the couch you purchased didn’t fit in your living room.

Use the 60-30-10- rule …this is another great home design tip. The “rule” says that you should use the “dominant” color in any room you’re designing up to 60% in all the furniture and furnishings you add. 30% of the colors you use should be for the secondary color … and the remaining 10% can be “spent” on adding a matching accent color.

Mix and match with style … this is yet another very sound home design tip. When you mix and match colors and patterns, the result is a relaxed, eclectic “feel”. Does it work? Yes … and that’s why professional designers use the same formula.

Develop a Specific Point of Interest … it is how to make your room noticeable when people visit. You can, for example, use a large piece of art on a dominant or primary wall … place an over-sized rug in the middle of the room … “build” a conversation pit with a couch and chairs – the choice is yours.

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