White kitchen with wood floors and center island

Simple Tips For A New Kitchen Look

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most effective home improvements you can undertake. Not only will you have the opportunity to customize it exactly to your preferences, but you could also potentially boost the overall value of your home. How much of your kitchen you upgrade and to which extent, however, will depend on your needs and budget. The following tips should help you get started with your kitchen remodel.


The simple addition of a new paint job can vastly improve the appearance of a room. This is your chance to be adventurous, so do not be afraid to try out vibrant colors. You do not want to get carried away, however, and end up with a loud, obnoxiously colored kitchen. Balance is the key. If you choose wild colors, you can offset them with more traditional touches in other aspects of the kitchen. On the other hand, if you do not want any crazy colors, but are bored with the standard white walls, there are other options. You could try painting your walls grey or cream to give the kitchen a more modern look while still maintaining its subtlety.


Another option for updating your kitchen or changing the styling completely, is cabinetry. Whether it is changing the color of the cabinets with a touch of paint or redesigning them completely, cabinetry and storage space impact the look of a kitchen tremendously. Think about what you have to store and what you have to display. Many new kitchen designs integrate open shelving versus closed-in cabinets. If you have decorative glassware or china that you’d like to be part of your design scheme, this might be an option to consider.


If cabinetry is too much of an expense, or you aren’t going that drastic with your kitchen renovations, hardware is a great way to give a new look to the same space and design. By updating your cabinet, drawer, and door hardware the room can take on a new look. Finding what fits your kitchen best is the trick.


With rebates on Energy Star appliances, kitchen remodeling can happen at a lower cost to homeowners. Not only can you save upfront with a rebate, but newer appliances are more energy efficient and use less power overall, lowering gas and electric bills. Replacing old appliances updates a kitchen quickly, easily, and efficiently.


You can enhance your kitchen’s look more simply by changing out window treatments or by getting a new tablecloth or runner with coordinating place settings. Displaying functional items in an aesthetically pleasing way is also a smart way to add some of your personal style. An example would be displaying a new cookbook, turning a pretty vase you found at the flea market into a utensil holder, or finding a unique bowl to leave fresh fruit and vegetables out on the counter. If your kitchen has a sunny window, consider planting an indoor herb garden. This adds a beautiful touch to the room while also offering fresh herbs to use in your meals. And last but certainly not least, a vase of fresh flowers will always make any room more inviting.

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