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Give Thanks This Year… To Your Home

Your home is truly your castle. You come to depend on it and confide in it; you even make memories in it. Let this year be the year that you decide to pay homage and be thankful for all the happiness your home brings you — starting with these easy ways to give thanks and love to your home!

Freshen Up

If it’s been a while since you last painted, pick a few new colors and paint a quick coat in a wonderful new hue. Since colors tend to come and go as trends, you can let the current go-to color styles inspire you. Keep in mind that painting can be one of the best and easiest ways to update your home with a fresh new look.

Make it Tidy

If you have a few extra days, spend some time organizing. Everyone gets busy and things tend to have a way of getting disorganized. Spend this time really focusing on what items you want (or are necessary) to keep in your home and donate anything else you no longer need. Once you have your home nicely organized, you’ll be amazed at how relaxed you feel.

Give it a Makeover

While not every home needs a brand new façade, improvements can always be made. Try sprucing up your entrance or, perhaps, incorporate a new landscape design. New shrubs and trees are a great way to liven up your home and make it more welcoming. This can also be implemented on the inside of your home as well. Experiment with rearranging the furniture, or buy a new piece. You may just find that the new layout has a better flow and works better for the family.

Get Creative

Artwork is a wonderful addition to any home. Get inspired and bring flare to your house with paintings, photographs or sculptures throughout. No matter which medium you choose, you can always add to your collection. Simple additions of art bring character to your living space and inspire creativity.

Share It

Not only should you be thankful for your home, but you should also be proud of it. If you have recently made a major remodel or just finished building your dream home, plan a fun evening with friends and family. Organize a dinner party or a get-together to show off your progress. Inviting your loved ones to spend time in your home will help you create more wonderful memories.

Plan a Staycation

If your busy schedule makes it hard to set aside time to enjoy your home, plan a staycation. Even being able to take a few days off for a long weekend makes a difference. Spend the extra down time at your home simply enjoying everything it has to offer. Outdoor entertainment areas and even posh media rooms often go unused for long periods of time. Make a date and spend some time with your home enjoying the views and relaxing.

Provide Fresh Cut Flowers or Fresh Scents

If you’re lucky enough to have a cutting garden, use fresh clippings to show off your blooms indoors. Otherwise, get a few cut flowers from your local florist and put them on display. Find your favorite fragrance and bring them inside. Your family and friends will be impressed at your designer skills. Plus, you will be bringing the beautiful outdoors into your home — a great way to freshen up any room.

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