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One of the unique aspects of Smith Brothers Homes is that we are architects, designers, and builders. That means we provide a single source of responsibility from project conception through completion. Design/Build allows us to pursue standards of excellence that are difficult to realize in a typical architect-designer-builder relationship. While we also often work with outside architects and designers, it is usually under this same Design/Build concept.


We have developed our firm for the purpose of marrying exceptional design and exceptional construction. Our goal is to make every project real through a collaborative and transparent process. Collaboration and transparency allow our clients to make informed choices throughout the entire project.


  1. Extraordinary architecture, design, and construction.
  2. Real-time planning, budgeting and value engineering.
  3. Assistance with the selection and sourcing of materials.
  4. Designs, selections & purchasing for long-lead time items.
  5. Green forecasting, problem-solving and design integration.
  6. Proactive team approach for needed approvals and permits.
  7. Developing an expedited design/permit/construction schedule.
  8. Continual construction budget updates during the design process.
  9. Creating the most efficient structural & mechanical systems.
  10. Continual value engineering during the design process.
  11. Design and/or construction problem solving & constructability.
  12. Developing a “Fixed” construction budget before ground break.

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