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How To Achieve a Beach Contemporary Look

If you’re seeking to capture the sounds of waves crashing or the views of orange drenched sunsets, you’re not alone. Homeowners are trying to capture their favorite places and recreate them for everyday life. If you’re like many, harnessing a more simplistic lifestyle of beach living is top on your agenda. Luckily, getting that beach look for your home may be easier than you think. Try these simple tips to help combine the beach look with a contemporary fit for everyday living:

Let the Sun In

A key component when going for a contemporary beach look is natural sunshine. Allow windows to expose your outdoor surroundings. By opening up your home, you’ll be harnessing natural light. Bright areas throughout your home will help you feel more energized and create that sense of beach warmth. If your home warrants window coverings, try simple woven shades or soft linen.

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Natural Flooring Elements

When redesigning for a contemporary coastal look, choose natural materials. Lighter, wide-plank wood flooring or stone tile are both great options. If your home has pocket doors, match the stone of your interior floors to the exterior patios to make your space look larger. A simple area rug layered on top will give more function to high-traffic areas. Go for tones within the same hue range as the floor.

Keep it Bright

Choose bright neutral colors throughout your home. Stay within the natural hues of crisp whites with a touch of base color. If you’re wanting to add more color, use accent pieces that display colors found on the coast like turquoise, sea foam green, or coral.

beach contemporary

Minimalist Styling

When selecting furniture pieces, opt for simple styling. It will emphasize your clean contemporary look. The pieces in your home should be functional, but not overwhelming. Use pieces that bring in more natural wood tones and use fabrics that are easy to care for. At Smith Brothers, we love to use fabric for furniture that can be used both indoor and outdoors. Check out Sunbrella or Perennial Fabrics for stylish options that are not sensitive to the sun, sand, kids or dogs. When it comes to artwork, use it sparingly but opt for pieces that bring in a touch of color when necessary. If possible, try a sculpture piece that mimics driftwood or beach coral.

Light and Airy

You’ll need to bring in artificial light but do so sparingly. Remember, natural light is best. However, for artificial options, use recessed lighting throughout hallways and main areas. Pendants should be used where more functional light is needed, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. When choosing your pendant lighting, go with a clean design to help anchor your modern look. Bring in lamps for additional lighting, but stay within your same neutral colors and wood tones. Use modern ceiling fans to circulate air, you’ll get a sense of that gentle ocean breeze throughout your home.

Outdoor Spaces

Your contemporary beach look can extend outdoors as well. Provide entertaining areas that use natural stones. Limestone is a perfect choice for outdoor patio areas. You might also want to create a sense of privacy by providing lush plantings. Choose plants that are similar to those found on the nearest beach. Furthermore, no outdoor beach space would be complete without the element of water — a swimming pool is great for that.  Add a few chaise lounges to help bring a relaxation factor. Go with designs that are simple and clean. Use teak, stone, and concrete throughout your outdoor space making your entire area clean, refreshed, and relaxing.

beach contemporary outdoor space

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