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Tips for a Stylish Pet-Friendly Home

There is nothing that makes you feel more at home than your furry family members. Do not let the fear of their shedding fur and daily habits keep you from designing a house that is not only pet-friendly but also chic and stylish. Plenty of new products on the market allow you to forgo the daily mess from Fido of yesteryear and keep your home looking posh. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these tips to get your home back to looking stylish—even with Fido tucked snuggly in his crate.


Today’s pet beds range from designer miniature sleigh beds to tiny sofas. Look for matching colors and patterns that help accent your own décor—or find one you love and redo your bedding ensemble. If your pooch has longer fur, try and stick with pet bedding that is washable. Look for stain-resistant fabrics like leather or ultrasuede. You’ll be happy you did.

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When possible, opt for keeping your pets on ceramic tile. It is easy to clean and resistant to any spill or mess your pets may create. If that isn’t an option, engineered hardwood works well and so does stained concrete. When possible, shy away from carpet and natural stone. These are very porous and not as pet-proof as other hard surfaces, so forgo the travertine and marble. Keep cleaning supplies on hand too. Look for cleaners that won’t harm your material, and keep vinegar on hand if you have hardwoods. It will help lift any stains without having to redo your floors.

Create a Space of Their Own

Much like ourselves, our pets like to have their own place to rest and relax. If you do not like the look of ready-made crates or climbing trees, try incorporating these features into the design of your home. Your designer can add a built-in space for your pets into end tables, entrance tables, kitchen cabinetry, and even bookcases.

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Casa Verde Design

A Stylish Entrance

Hang stylish hooks near your backdoor entrance. You’ll have a great storage solution to hang multiple leashes and extra collars as you coordinate your pooch. Plus, Fido will learn when he’s going out to grab some fresh air as you grab his leash.

Eat in Style

Dogs and cats both should have bowls that are within neck height. These days food bowls come in great looking styles that allow you to match your décor and you could find a cute coordinating food mat. Not only will it help designate a space for food, it will also help protect your floors from scratches and spills.

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Hide Those Treats and Ban the Bag

Check out one of the many great looking canisters for treats. Splurge for a canister that has a good seal and doesn’t show contents. This way, Fido’s crumbling desserts will be your secret. The same rule should apply to dog food too. Keeping opened bags of food is messy. Plus, there are so many stylish food bins that can match a room, you’ll love your new accent piece.

Keep Them Clean

Let’s face it, pets are a big part of the family. Keeping your pets well groomed will help keep the house clean and smelling great. Incorporating a pet shower in your laundry room to keep the mess from spreading throughout the house. Having a dedicated pet shower will also keep your personal showers and tubs clean and will keep your drains less clogged from all of their fur.

Staton Homes Dog Shower
Staton Homes

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