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Feng Shui & Architecture: Incorporating the Concepts


The fundamentals of Feng Shui bring the ideals of function, flow, and harmony into the visions of architectural ideation.

Feng Shui literally means “wind-water” in English and is the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects or structures so as to harmonize with spiritual forces.

The belief system is based on the patterns of Yin and Yang and the overall flow of energies (Qi or Chi) that present the possibility of positive and negative effects. Feng Shui commonly influences orientation, placement and arrangement of objects.

The concepts of Feng Shui are a constant, whether at the forefront or subconscious of the design process. There are times when the ideas behind this practice present contradiction for the design brain, in which case they will be inevitably ignored to allow the imagination of the project to flourish in a manner of whimsy, provocative juxtaposition – or to simply honor the sensibility within the logic of the overall design minus the “spiritual” connotation.

However the psychology behind designing a harmonious structure based on Feng Shui fundamentals are not easily ignored.

In fact, it can be quite a beautiful process that may ultimately leave a lasting sense of positive well-being on the inhabitants of the dwelling. As a side note, the position of this post isn’t meant to focus on the philosophy behind Feng Shui, but rather to take a brief look at the role it can play in the architectural process…and present it for those seeking to incorporate this practice into the craft of their home.

The preferred proportion of a home is square or rectangular.  The geometrics of these two shapes present ideal opportunity for ideal function and harmony amid interior spaces. The layout of these shapes also allow for energy efficient planning, and make way for the applications of practical building materials.

Create a dwelling which allows for lots of natural daylight, air flow, and proper ventilation.  Large windows placed strategically to allow for the maximum amount of natural daylight will invite this concept – whether from floor to ceiling or placed on high points of a tall wall. Windows with operable function should be placed in directions that allow for natural air flow through out the home.

Areas of rest should be void of sharp corners or protruding objects. Rooms to put this concept into practice in are (of course) bedrooms,  living rooms, and family rooms. Even a luxurious bathroom space should incorporate this concept to give a spa-like feel of relaxation.

Work spaces should be kept separate from rest areas. Home offices should be given their own designated walls. This allows for proper energies within a designated room to flow without disruption of the activity that was originally intended for that specific space.

Prevent clutter with adequate storage.  Creating a proper place for items that need to be stored is a must. Think closets, built-in cabinets, cupboards and shelving with internal organization capabilities. Clutter restricts the flow of positive energy and produces a convoluted and confused mind according to Feng Shui principles.

Keeping your environment tidy and well organized presents a calm and relaxed environment.

Entry ways are extremely important when considering the structure of your home.  Ideally your front doors should be solid and open inward to give a feeling of welcome upon entry. Additionally, entry ways should be kept clean and tidy of clutter to allow for positive energy to flow through.

There are an abundance of ways to implement Feng Shui into the architectural build of your home. If it’s an important piece of the puzzle for you, you certainly can enlist the help of an expert of the practice to work with your architect and interior designer to ensure the fundamentals are met.

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