How To Achieve a Craftsman Contemporary Look

Thinking about building your dream home but not sure which style suits you best?

If you love the look of modern sleek lines and have a fondness for woodwork, perhaps you should consider the contemporary craftsman look. Homes with this style are modern beauties that combine architectural approaches and blend the best of both old and new designs.

Lots of Light

An array of windows adorned with beautiful woodwork allows for natural light to flow freely and elegantly. Gone are the days of few windows sporting stained glass. Although beautiful, that particular historic accent allowed only small traces of light to penetrate indoors.

Today’s version of the classic craftsman is bright and airy allowing wooden details to be showcased front and center.

Mix of Materials

While maintaining its great wood accents, the contemporary style of the craftsman offers more flexibility by incorporating new materials. You’ll see stone facades, columns and beautiful stone touches — such as a floor to ceiling fireplace. Standing seam metal roofs are held in place by great-looking timber frames and cross beams. Other materials commonly incorporated are wooden or composite shingles and fiber cement siding.

Oftentimes, an environmental touch is included through modern, natural elements as well. It’s the perfect blend of these materials that truly enhances the contemporary craftsman style.

Plenty of Space

While older versions of the classic craftsman had low ceilings and enclosed rooms, the updated versions of today are open with vaulted ceilings. Modernized floor plans allow for improved family living and smoother flow for everyday-dwelling.

Plus, the incorporation of high ceilings with exposed wooden beams helps to visually expand indoor spaces — even the joist brackets and connector plates are sometimes visible. These are details that embrace the contemporary design.

Today’s spacious floor plans incorporate more modern conveniences too. Outdoor entertaining areas are typically adjacent to the larger indoor rooms, providing an expansion of living space. Nevertheless, some of the same great original details are still assimilated into the new look and feel — simply updated. Pocket doors, beautiful lighting, detailed wainscoting and stunning classic craftsman doors are still in full swing.

Admirable Wooden Details

Even with modern influences, true craftsman wood details remain intact. Wooden beams adorn the inside as well as the façade. Today’s ceilings are sporting tongue and groove wooden planks stained to perfection. You may even find wooden tray masterpieces as you glance upwards. Keep an eye out for the classic look of wooden built-in shelving and staircases as well.

In order to successfully achieve a craftsman contemporary look for your home, it’s important to get help from experienced professionals. At Smith Brothers Construction, that’s exactly what we can provide. Our talented and unique team of construction craftsmen, architects, and interior designers will help you attain the perfect look for your dream home.

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