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Feng Shui Your Home Office: 5 Key Tips

Whatever your daily work schedule, a home office can provide a quiet, organized space to get things done. Working from home offers numerous lifestyle advantages, but it can also present distinct challenges that complicate your work day. By using feng shui interior design and decor principles, you can create a home office that’s comfortable and productive. Take a look at five important feng shui design tips.

1. Choose the Right Location

According to feng shui principles, it’s important to separate your business activities from your home life to maximize productivity and energy. Choose a location in your house that’s quiet and comfortable, and if possible, a room that has a separate entry. Locate your home office as far away from your bedroom as possible, so it doesn’t conflict with a peaceful night’s sleep. If you’re in small quarters, and your home office must be in your bedroom, separate work and life energies with a beautiful screen.

2. Plan for Success

When planning your home office, consider positive images, meaningful interior design and decor items, and feng shui colors that contribute to your well-being and success. Choose items that make you feel inspired, and colors that reflect the five most important feng shui elements – earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. A mix of shapes will create balance: squares represent earth; triangles represent fire; rectangles represent wood; round and oval shapes represent metal. Since it’s a home office, you can create an energy that reflects your own personal style.

3. Feng Shui Your Desk

Feng shui design principles suggest buying a new desk to avoid negative energy from a previous owner. Rectangular or curved wooden desks are recommended for best energy flow, and glass-top desks should be avoided to eliminate broken business deals and lost money. One of the most important feng shui design principles for an office is the desk placement:

  • Sitting with your back to a door creates bad energy and loss of control. Your desk chair should face the door. If this isn’t possible, hang a mirror so you can always see the entryway.
  • Place your desk as far from the door as possible, but not directly opposite the door. The energy force that comes through the door can lead to feelings of frustration or confusion.
  • Don’t place your desk in the center of the room, as it diminishes your authority.
  • Don’t place your desk facing a wall, as it blocks creative energy. If you have to face a wall, make it disappear by hanging artwork.
  • Avoid facing a window, as the view can create constant distractions.

4. Provide Good Light and Clean Air

Provide a good balance of light sources with natural light from a window or skylight and overhead lighting or lamps with soft white bulbs. Avoid fluorescent bulbs that gives off a blue-green hue and a harsh energy. Make sure you provide enough natural light to refresh your energy levels or you won’t enjoy being in your home office, no matter how much you like your work. To add oxygen and clean air, add air-purifying plants that remove carbon dioxide, and for good luck, add several bamboo plants.

5. De-Clutter Your Work Space

In feng shui interior design and decor principles, clutter blocks the natural flow of energy. Keep furniture light and avoid big, bulky items when selecting desks, book shelves, and filing cabinets. Keep the area under your desk open without clutter or objects, including trash cans, to keep your career on a positive path. For maximum productivity and energy, declutter and clean your home office routinely every day.

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