Exploring Staircase Designs

Today we’re exploring staircase designs.

Staircases are in an of themselves quite the interesting escalade within a homes structure. They elevate us to new levels of our sanctuary.

The structure of these ascending pathways are a precise part of the architecture, with form and function at the forefront of their design.

Aside from their originally intended function, staircases can accommodate any decorative design style. For example, one might immediately envision a circular staircase presented within the entrance of a sizable European-style home, with an ornately embellished iron banister and marble platforms. However, this style could easily be translated into a sleek modern design with creative use of the right materials.

The possibilities that lay within and around the staircase framework can not only exude exceptional style, but can in some instances be the spotlight piece within the home.

The straight staircase is a classic “up and down” design. Often placed directly against a side wall, the straight staircase is linear, simple and quite efficient. In a majority of structures it presents space saving opportunity making it an ideal selection for tenacious or limited spaces.

“L” or Platform
This particular design fits well in homes that require a mostly straight design, but could make more efficient use at the bottom with a slight turn in the pathway to maintain the length of the upper/main portion of the staircase.

This staircase begins with a straight staircase, meets at a platform, then almost u-turns the climber to ascend the rest of the way up on another straight staircase. You’ll often see this design utilized as stairwells in large structures such as apartment buildings and as emergency alternatives in large corporate buildings. In a home this space-saving design offers a break in the wall space which can propose some interesting design and decor opportunity.

The circular staircase presents a wide curve and is somewhat similar in function to the “L” shape stair design. There is a distinct look to these stairwells that present something of a grander nature to their aesthetic. The top winds down in a “C” shape, cascading in an almost wedding gown fashion down to a widened train-like base. This structure is often well suited for larger square footage due to the expansive planks that amplify at the bottom to create the namesake circular curve.

Again, exactly as it sounds, the spiral is a truly winding staircase taking one through several tightly knit turns to reach their desired destination. Originally designed around or within towers, the spiral staircase was meant for military function as a pathway leading to the top of the tower as an ideal vantage point on the enemy. This design is perhaps the lost art of the stairwells as its function in a modern day home presents limitations and safety issues. On the flip side however, there is a beauty to these pieces and they can certainly be utilized specific designs, for instance as an ascension element to a rooftop terrace of a home.

Whether in a remodel or new home construction, consider the options of the stairwell and how it will tie into the overall design and decor. Working closely with an interior designer and home contractor to determine the best fit is a must as staircases play a major role in the overall design structure.

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