Window Treatments: Types and Tips

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your existing home, or simply looking to make some interior decor changes, making the right choice for your window treatments can present a bit of a conundrum. Which windows should get which treatment? Drapes, shades, blinds, shutters, or should you leave them bare? Will you require automation of your window treatments? All questions our clients ask us about what to do with windows throughout their homes. We like to start by telling them that their number one priority with any window treatment is to decide whether they’re looking for privacy, or light, or maybe even both! Today we’re exploring the different types of window treatments and what they’re commonly used for.

Know Your Windows, First

First let’s discuss the types of windows that can require a treatment to diffuse or block out light during a given time of day. There are large windows that take up entire rooms, small windows, door windows, oddly shaped windows, floor to ceiling, and even the oddly shaped, arched or skylight windows. Assess the windows in your home that you’d like to add window treatments to, and determine which windows will need more or less light and privacy.

Shutters and Blinds

Shutters are usually made of a solid material (wood or faux wood) and can either completely block out light, or allow just enough to remove glare. There are a variety of shutters to choose from such as the traditional colonial style, and the popular plantation style shutter. The style will really depend on your personal taste and style of your home. Shutters can be completely solid, or have horizontal blinds built into the design for additional light control.

Blinds can be a stand-alone feature, or be built in to a plantation shutter design. They come in a variety of finishes such as wood, faux wood, and other materials to suit your home’s style. They’re a great choice for many rooms in your home as they offer adjustable diffused lighting.

Twin Single Beds

Drapes and Curtains

Drapery and curtains can add a lot of decorative elegance to a room. There are so many beautiful fabric choices out there that will complement any decor. The question again here is light. Blackout curtains are nice for bedrooms as they can completely block out the strong morning sunlight. Opaque curtains will block out most light but can still allow a little light, which is nice for the sake of privacy. Otherwise a nice sheer linen can offer just enough light and privacy to create a balanced ambiance.



Shades are enormously popular among many of our clients. There’s a good variety of styles and features to choose from. There are simple, contemporary, ornate, and even some are made with organic materials. Shades are pretty easy to keep clean and can come with UV protection to keep the sun from damaging furniture and flooring. Shades are a great addition to outdoor spaces to block out sunlight as needed. We could probably do an entire blog on shades alone! Here are some of the various types of shades available:

  • Roller Shades
  • Cellular Shades
  • Honeycomb shades
  • Roman
  • Woven

Kids room with roman shades

Large modern living room with roll up shades and curtains

Large master bathroom with roman shades

Other Window Treatment Options

Lastly, there are other window treatment options to consider that aren’t exactly external. Stained glass is one way to offer some privacy and light variation, but with a little old world flare. Frosted glass is another option that allows for a good amount of light but with just the right amount of opacity. There are even window treatments to help block out heat and keep the interior temperature of your home regulated such as Low-E windows, which are also eco-friendly.

Master bathroom, light and bright with etched window

Power guest bathroom with pretty etched glass window

Kitchen window with frosted effect

When it comes to window treatments, another consideration is home value. Choose a style that resonates with the architectural style of your home. If you’re remodeling to sell or this isn’t your forever home, keep the window treatments in mind for resale value. Whatever the rhyme or reason, make sure to go with quality when it comes to your home’s window treatments. Do your research, work with your contractor, and make sure to go with a reputable resource that offers high quality choices.

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