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What to Consider Before Adding to Your Home

Having a room or an entire floor added to your home can boost its value while also providing extra living space. Before you start pursuing this project, though, it’s important to take certain factors into consideration. Ask yourself the following questions if you’re thinking about expanding your home.

What Are the Local Laws and Regulations?

One of the first factors you must consider is if the addition you’re planning is acceptable under your area’s zoning laws and regulations. Check on these local laws to make sure that the type of addition you’re considering meets certain requirements. Some zoning laws are strict about how much space is allowed between a house and property lines. This can affect your plans if you’re thinking about building onto the ground floor of your home. Other laws specify how tall residential buildings can be, which can affect your plans if you want to add another floor to your home. No matter your local zoning laws and regulations, it’s best to be prepared to make adjustments to your home addition plans.

Planning your home addition in San Diego County? Take a more in-depth look at the rules and regulations here.

What Type of Addition Is Most Suitable?

If you want to add to your home but you don’t have a specific type of addition in mind, think about what your home may currently be lacking. Could it use more space in the kitchen, or would adding a bedroom or guest room be more functional? Does your home need extra space for storage? Do you need to add to your home’s interior, or would an extended outdoor living space fit your needs better? What works best for your home in terms of functionality and living space will ultimately depend on your current layout and the particular needs of you and your family.

Will It Flow With the Rest of the House?

Adding to your home involves more than simply determining what type of addition to make and where to put it. There are important design elements to take into consideration as well. Your addition should flow seamlessly with the rest of your home rather than looking and feeling as though it doesn’t quite fit. This helps to maintain a cohesive look both on the inside and outside of your home. Any addition to your home should blend with the rest of its exterior, while interior design elements allow room for more creativity and change.

When you’ve taken these factors into consideration, it’s time to start looking for a design firm. Working with an architectural and interior design firm provides you with the insight you need in order to come up with the ideal addition for your home. Let Smith Brothers team of outstanding craftsman, architects, designers, suppliers and subcontractors help you with your custom home project. Contact us today to inquire about these services and see what we can do to help with creating your dream home!

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