Minimalist Concepts and Home Decor

The minimalist movement is on the rise and we’re slowly but surely seeing a shift in home construction, interior design, and decor to accommodate this behavioral change. A universal understanding that less clutter can equate to a happier home and planet has produced positive results in study after study. But this really isn’t a new concept, in today’s world of go-go-go, we’re just coming full circle back to the need for simplicity in an attempt to focus on what’s important and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Dating back centuries, the ancient art of feng shui has long promoted the act of decluttering to free your mind and live less chaotically.

When it comes to home design and decor, many minds immediately jump to ultra-modern when hearing the term “minimalist.” There’s a certain amount of truth to minimalist decor fairing in that direction, but that’s only one end of the spectrum and an extreme one at that. Minimalism can absolutely be practiced and incorporated into a variety of decor styles – the theme behind the practice is more about keeping your space visually appealing, tidy, free of clutter, and maintaining an efficient home for increased focus and harmony.

Brushing the surface, here are our thoughts and ideas on some of the minimal-esque concepts we’re seeing more and more of in our industry, and maybe a little advice on the matter.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Large kitchen with glass cabinets
Kitchen project by Smith Brothers

The term “open concept” has spread to shelving and cabinetry in bathrooms and kitchens.

Kitchens are trending toward open shelving options, or glass doors on cabinetry. The open visibility almost begs for homeowners to keep items in this room ultra organized, and to a minimum. Dishes and glassware are often coordinated color-wise to make sure the space not only always looks appealing, but to make it obvious where everything resides and should return to after it’s been cleaned. The open shelving is often balanced with opaque cabinet doors and drawers on the lower half of the kitchen to shield items that are inevitably less appealing such as blenders, food processors and coffee makers.

Kitchen by Smith Brothers

In bathrooms, many are doing away with under sink cabinetry and opting for open cubbies with decorative baskets to house necessities. This concept works really well in smaller bathrooms to create the feeling of space.

The open shower concept has really taken off! Depending on the space, a simple pane of glass or an elegantly tiled wall are added to prevent the splash factor from spreading throughout the room…but goodbye door! Others are opting for the more bold approach of no door/barrier at all, which can be stunning and save on excess materials.

Home by Smith Brothers

Living and Dining Spaces

Large dining room space
Home by Smith Brothers

The minimalist direction is also carried nicely into living and dining spaces. Dining spaces have historically been less cluttered, but one small way to keep this area minimal of clutter is to break the habit of letting it be a landing pad for various household items such as keys, bags, etc. Make sure these items have a specific place, other than your kitchen or dining table.

In terms of living spaces, we’re seeing more couches and side tables displayed with pure simplicity. While some still have the desired storage built-in’s, the options tend to be minimal to accommodate less “stuff.” This also allows for more focus to be on the beauty of the furniture design, which we love!

Shelving in these areas may call for a few decorative elements, plants, and maybe some artwork or family photos, but we’re seeing less of a need to display knick-knacks, regardless of decor preference. The added bonus to this is the clean factor…think about it, less dusting on your part!

Large Living Room Designed by Smith Brothers Construction
Living Room Design by Smith Brothers


According to feng shui, bedrooms are meant for rejuvenation and sanctuary, not work, so the design and decor should reflect this concept to keep the space harmonious.

Side tables are built in more of a cubby fashion without drawers to prevent the “out of sight out of mind” concept that often plagues us all. Beds are being built with solid material extending to the floor to prevent random items being shoved under the bed. However, if storage is a concern, a bed with drawers is an appealing option to keep things organized.

And closets? We could write an entire blog on its own about construction options for closets, but let’s keep this simple (pun intended). We’ll leave you with a piece of advice; don’t just try to find a place to put random stuff with added shelving and drawers… try to maintain it by keeping things organized and making time throughout the year to donate or consign/sell items that you don’t need or use anymore.

Large contemporary bedroom
Home by Smith Brothers

A final thought that resonates with the Smith Brothers team is this: the added perk to the minimalist concept is the avoidance of wasting resources by purchasing in excess, which leads to a larger overall footprint on the planet when you consider the global impact of labor, creation, travel, and removal/throwing away of excessive material possessions.

Regardless of your decorative tastes, you can adopt elements of the minimalist concept into your home to make it a more harmonious place for you and your family.

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