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4 Home Remodels That Make Sense for Increased Resale Value

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A home remodel of any kind is a big decision, especially if you potentially plan to sell in the next few years while the real estate market is still hot for sellers to take advantage of selling their home for top dollar.

But one question you might be asking yourself is, “should I invest in a home remodel for increased resale value?”

The answer to this question really depends on the current state of your home and what your budget is. But the simple answer is, yes!

There are some remodels that simply make the most sense when it comes to increased resale value. Our construction and design team has performed many a remodel project over the years, for a variety of reasons, from the extraordinarily extravagant to the beautiful yet practical. Our best advice to you is that whatever your remodel desires may be, your home is likely your biggest investment, so you’ll want to sink your budget into making improvements where it makes the most sense for increased value.

Here are 4 top home remodeling projects that will give you the most bang for your buck:

  1. Remodel Your Kitchen!

If your kitchen is outdated, or needs a structural overhaul, you’ll want to factor a good portion of your budget into this room alone. High quality, well-designed, functional kitchens equate to increased value. Period. If you watch HGTV or any home buying/selling shows, this is no mystery to you. Most buyers don’t want to tackle a fixer upper of this magnitude, though as homebuilders and designers we love the ones that do! But a majority want turnkey and ready to go.

We love kitchen remodels! Helping clients determine everything from the aesthetics to the functionality can be such a fun project. So if we can offer any advice here, it’s please go with a specialized expert to help you design and build your kitchen. You’ll want to go with quality here! People take notice of high-end finishes, and it can absolutely make a difference if you ever decide to sell your home.

Not planning to move? A kitchen remodel can still make a significant difference financially when it comes to increased home equity!

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Image courtesy of Smith Brothers. Home located in Hawaii.
  1. Added Square Footage

Is there a room or two in your home that could use some extension? Or maybe you simply need an extra room? Adding square footage to primary living spaces and increasing the number of bedrooms in your home will absolutely equate to increased value.

If your property line has some potential to make this happen we highly recommend it. Permitting can be your biggest hurdle when adding square footage so make sure to go with a construction specialist who can not only help with the research and planning, but also communicate and educate you along the way. You’ll be working really close with this person, so make sure it’s not only someone you trust, but someone you can speak with freely.

  1. Increasing the Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Who couldn’t use an extra room or bathroom in their home? Most people want space, especially if they a family. The more room they have to stretch and spread out, the better. A five-bedroom four bath home has more selling power than a four-bedroom two-bath home. At least one of those rooms inevitably turns into an office or play space, and having more bedrooms is highly attractive to those who love to entertain out-of-town guests.

Consider this option if majority of the homes in your neighborhood have less rooms or bathrooms. This will give you a leg up if and when you decide to sell!

  1. Landscaping

“Curb appeal” is the key phrase here. There are so many reasons to make a landscaping remodel a priority. Landscaping brings the neighborhood aesthetic up! We’ve seen it over and over again where a client will give their yard a makeover, and the rest of the neighborhood follows suit to some degree.

As we all know first impressions are everything, and the front of a home, yard included, are a part of that first impression. But don’t stop there, make sure your landscaping project extends to the backyard in a cohesive fashion.

If you live in Southern California, you’re familiar with the drought conditions we’re dealing with, so it’s a good idea to consider a xeriscape to save water. In most cases there are tax incentives to take advantage of if you go this route. Check with your city to find out what incentives are available.

If the simplicity of a xeriscape doesn’t appeal to your personal tastes, we assure you that there are some water saving landscaping options out there for even those who crave the lushest of greenery in their yard.

Landscaping is an art, so be sure to work with someone who has the right “eye” and expertise to help you with this project.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping - Xeriscape
Image courtesy of Smith Brothers.

A Final Thought on Home Remodels and the Current Real Estate Market

The current real estate market is still favorable to those looking to sell their home in the coming years with a steady incline of median home prices and a trend of historically low interest rates. Homeowners who live in desirable areas such as California or Hawaii are likely in a solid position to consider selling their home in the next few years. So if you’re considering selling in the next few years to take advantage of this sellers market, consider investing in a home remodel that will equate to increased value and selling power.

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