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Ingenious Kitchen Spaces We Love…and Had to Share!

Today’s kitchen is modern and connected. With its openness to other rooms, accessibility to technology and clever features, kitchens bring the family together. The latest innovations are designed for ease and flow and are ideal for California and Hawaiian living. Check out some of these useful ideas for cutting-edge kitchen spaces:

Appliances That Think

Talk about inventive! The latest appliances for the kitchen are made to save you time and work with you. Using your tablet or smartphone, these appliances with built-in media are a big trend and, among other features, are made to alert you when they need attention. They will tell you when the filter in the fridge needs to be changed and where in the cycle your dishwasher is! You can even change the temperature of the refrigerator and lock your dishwasher from your mobile device. Want to watch that recipe you saw on your favorite cooking show? Play it on your refrigerator as you prepare dinner!

lg-refrigerator-lfx28995st-large01Photo courtesy of LG.com

In addition, companies such as Wolf and Sub-Zero have created features such as ovens that have curved backs, dual convection, LCD screens with “finger-swipe” technology and preset categories to make everything in your kitchen easier.

A Caffeine Fix in Your Kitchen

If you love to drink coffee, cappuccinos, teas and espressos, why not have a built-in coffee system in your own kitchen? Now, making a favorite hot beverage for you or your family and friends couldn’t be easier. The coffee systems can be built to blend seamlessly into the design of your kitchen and are sleek and beautiful. A system such as Miele’s is self-cleaning and steams milk without a thought. Become a barista in the comfort of your own home!

Adaptable Dining

Having a dining room table that can be used for 2 people and 8 people is ideal. A flexible table gets rid of the need for a second dining area; tables can have not one leaf but two! Another nice touch in this area is to install battery-operated window shades that raise and lower with the touch of an app on your tablet or phone. You can also add a built-in bench with a cushion to create a cozy eating area. Don’t forget to include storage in your bench!

A Disappearing Fridge or Stove

Today’s innovations in refrigerator and stove design are incredible and there is nothing more esthetically pleasing to the eye than an appliance and hardware that blends into your cabinetry or countertops without a trace. Never has making your appliances disappear looked so good! Your new state-of-the-art kitchen can have any look you choose, whether it’s Modern, Contemporary, Mediterranean or Coastal. Check out this gorgeous kitchen from Smith Brothers Construction:


Creative Touches

Islands with tons of storage, convenient under kitchen space and pull-out drawer cabinets are just some of the clever features in modern kitchens. Other innovative design ideas include countertops that can double as look-alike marble when in fact they are made of stain-resistant and durable quartz and touchless faucets that operate with the wave of a hand.

A Pantry and So Much More

Pantries have come a long way since their inception. Walk-ins with lots of space and shelving are nice, but they can be so much more. Now they not only serve as functional, but also can have hidden storage, sinks, drink areas and food prep areas.

Large home kitchen pantry shelving

Custom Pantry by Smith Brothers

Looking to make a design and decor change in your home in California or Hawaii but can’t decide which direction to go? We get it. The choices can be overwhelming and our talented designers can help. Contact Smith Brothers to see how we can help you!


Smith Brothers is a unique team of construction craftsmen, architects, and interior designers. Since 1978, we stress the absolute highest levels of quality, performance, value and service in each and every project. Our award-winning design ideas, expertise, and collective experience allow us to provide the very best in what we do. For more information please contact us at 877-230-0333, (+01) 858-350-1445, or info@smithbrothersconstruction.com.


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