Large Living Room Designed by Smith Brothers Construction

Fall Home Decorating Trends for 2014

Large Living Room Designed by Smith Brothers Construction

Each season brings an updated version of interesting new stylish looks and exciting pieces for your home.

Are you a slave to mid-century modern, or do you fair toward more classic elegance?

Gone are the days when you had to stick with one particular style. Over time we’ve found interesting ways to intermingle our favorite styles and now there are ways to mix and match a blend of styles that happen to catch our eye. This fall 2014 is a great time to refresh and redress your home for the changing season. Finding versatile pieces that have the potential to last year round, but still provide solid statements for autumn is what it is all about. As summer days fade and transition into cooler weather and changing leaves, decorating your home to capture the spirit of the season can add some festive spice and warmth to your living space.

Here are some of the hottest trends in home decor for fall 2014:


Instead of the idea that all the interior spaces have to match, interior design is heading into more creative and unique arenas. Mixing and matching is huge this season, along with chameleon decor. Instead of settling on one set look, people will gravitate toward a more versatile and neutral base, using big-impact accents so they can easily change the decor.

A Touch of Fall

Accessories and fabrics that are rich in texture are big for fall. Linen, velvets and woven fabrics are really in and lots of fun to intermingle into your homes existing decor. A box with a stone inlay or a wooden sculpture can add a natural element to your home. You can also mix in different metals to create a sleek feeling of luxury. Retailers at the fall previews (like fashion week for interior design) are showing soft throw pillows with metallic rose gold threads and subtle pink-tinged sequins.

Heavy Metal

Warm brass is a big trend this fall. Everything from the trim on gorgeous wooden tables, to brass accented vases and lamps are right in line for the trends this season.  Warm brass has the ability to work with both traditional and mid-century styles. And don’t be shy about mixing and matching other metallics you love like silver and gold. Layering a mixture of metals can be done tastefully and elegantly with warm textiles to achieve a look that resonates with your own unique taste and style.

Color Me Impressed

This season, gorgeous grays and subtle greens are THE hue’s of fall. Also in this autumn’s trend are radiant orchid and coral. While fall begs for classic orange tones and browns, you can certainly add pops of color within this palate by accenting with purples, cloves, olives and even refreshing lemongrass. Area’s that these accent colors can make an appearance are in throw pillows, bedding, decorative towels, and vases.

If you’re not ready to go too warm or traditional in your fall decor, believe it or not navy and turquoise are part of this autumn’s decor trend as well. You can make a big statement in a room by painting an accent wall, or buying a few dramatic pieces to incorporate these colors to add a sense of vibrance to the room.

Knock on Wood

When purchasing furniture for your living room, keep an eye out for pieces that are neutral and warm in color and fabric. Gold, brown and mocha couches work for any season, but are especially hot for fall. Incorporate wooden furniture to complement that cozy couch you’ll no doubt be cozying up on the days grow shorter. A wooden coffee table or end table will create a warm and accessible feel. Lighter, honey-colored woods such as walnut, oak, and cherry are pretty big on the trend list this fall.

Lighten Up

Crisp geometric, nubby textures and Crewelwork patterns are on the must have list this fall for lampshades. Pierced metal and matte-finish shades with foil interiors can catch light in vintage flare, adding nicely to the prominent mid-century trend. Feeling a little more elegant, or shabby chic? Tapered table lamps, Rustin Iron Chandeliers with crystals, brushed-aluminum sconces compliment ornate taste’s with a sense of sophistication. Acrylic and crystal lamps also make great accent pieces for any room in your home.

Mix it Up 

Patterns we can expect to see this fall are ombre’s, tiles, filigree and cinquefoil. These details and embellishments will touch rugs, drapes and wall art. Wallpaper is continuing to make a strong comeback with new animal prints and floral patterns.

Word of advice on wallpapers – hiring an interior designer to help you choose the appropriate pattern for a room can be a huge benefit. They can help you to see what will and won’t work in any space and offer advice on hiring the right professional to install it correctly.

Inside Out

In places such as California, outdoor living is a year round way of life. With design, the distinction between indoor and out furniture is becoming seamlessly blurred more and more, especially this fall. Outdoor fabrics and furniture are created to resemble the comforts and styles of indoor pieces. Soon you might be wondering if you should drag that gorgeous outdoor sectional inside into your living room! The fabrics are more stylish and luscious than ever, making the possibilities for outdoor living virtually endless!

This fall, the trends are towards bold pieces, mixed metals and light woods. Whatever you choose for your design aesthetic, you can spice up your home this autumn with the season’s hottest colors, styles, and patterns!

Looking to make a design and decor change in your home in San Diego, California but can’t decide which direction to go? We get it. The choices can be overwhelming and our talented interior designers can help. Contact Smith Brothers to see how we can help you!


Smith Brothers is a unique team of construction craftsmen, architects, and interior designers. Since 1978, we stress the absolute highest levels of quality, performance, value and service in each and every project. Our award-winning design ideas, expertise, and collective experience allow us to provide the very best in what we do. For more information please contact us at 877-230-0333, (+01) 858-350-1445, or

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