Creative Private Spaces during Quarantine

Most of the world is in the midst of a quarantine, and while some of us are in isolation, others cannot seem to find any privacy. With children and teens out of school and parents working from home (or even possibly being laid off), finding time to ourselves may be far and few between. While we cherish this opportune time of togetherness, we may also be wanting some time to ourselves. 

Maybe you have these spaces in your home that you have yet to utilize, or maybe you need ideas to create private spaces during quarantine in your home! Either way, below are some ways to find a tad bit of privacy in a house full of people! 

Desk in the Kitchen 

For many households, kitchens are the place of gathering. Countless conversations have been held around kitchen tables where delicious food awaits, but sitting around a crowded kitchen table might not be the best place to work or have privacy. Try utilizing the desk in the nook in your kitchen! In this way, you are still in the same room as the people you love, but have a workspace to yourself! 

Backyard Terrace 

Going outdoors is even harder now with many public parks and outdoor spaces closed. Try utilizing the outdoor terrace to get some sunlight and a light breeze. Have kids play board games or video games while you work from home or have your quiet time in one of the other lounge chairs. Deck out the terrace with a television, fireplace, and mini kitchen for some sunshine but with all the indoor benefits. 

Reading Nook in the Den 

Whether you are 6 or 60, forts and reading nooks never grow old. Create another makeshift room in the den for an extra layer of privacy for you or the young ones in the home. Even better, have them help create it to get their creative minds at work! Fill the fort with pillows and blankets or build it around a sofa for ultimate comfort. Lastly, add twinkle lights for some reading light! 

Bedroom Patio 

Since the start of quarantine, pollution has been reduced drastically, making our skies clearer. Start utilizing the bedroom patio as a quiet place to watch the sunrise in the morning, or light some candles in the evening and enjoy the starry night. Take a breath of fresh air and think through goals that you’d like to set for yourself or for the week, or take the time to connect with someone over video chat. 


Itching to get out of the house but have nowhere to go? Treehouses can be great for kids to have fun, but they can also be utilized as a “third space” for adults. Create an outdoor adventure for your kids to run wild with their imagination, or spruce up the space and use it as an office, or a place for early morning meditation and yoga. For the ultimate treehouse adventure, add a zipline for the kids to have hours of fun in the backyard. 

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