Adding Dimension with Novel Wall Treatments

Wall treatments have come a long way in terms of innovation. There are literally so many novel concepts to bite from. What we love about wall treatment options is their ability to add dimension and transform rooms in a fairly simple, or even bold fashion.

Today we’re ruminating on some standout wall treatments from some of our past homebuilding and remodeling projects. We’re using them as examples to showcase the various ways in which walls can be utilized as a decorative element by incorporating them into the interior design of one’s home, rather than letting them simply exist as a barrier between rooms and exteriors. We hope these expositions will inspire others with their own homes – whether you’re considering a simple decor change, a remodel, or have the intention of building a new custom home in the future.

A Step Further Than Wallpaper

We’ve come a long way from wallpapering an entire room with a single design. Wallpaper designs themselves have come so far over the decades. You can add wallpaper to a single wall to create a featured decor focus within a room. We’ll even include wall decals in this category as they fair on the same spectrum. From botanical designs, to full trees, city scenes, brick patterns, and everything in between, wallpaper choices have become splendidly artful.

In the billiard room featured below, the wallpaper was taken to the next level by adding a bordering framework pattern to the wall space. This added playful dimension to a room that is meant for just such a purpose. The wood framing also helps to break up the water current-like pattern, allowing for the other decor elements, style, and colors within the room to be complemented. We love how this pattern was carried over from the walls to the door creating a seamless continuity that somehow seemed decoratively necessary.

Tip: Our one piece of advice is to have a professional help you with adhering the wallpaper to your walls. Trust us, this requires some skill to be done right!

Modern Billiard Room


Adding Texture to Walls

Dimension can certainly be added to your walls with the use of some creative paint treatments, which we love. However today we’re talking the point of adding real to-the-touch texture to your walls.

Extending tile walls from floor to ceiling can have a stunning effect. Tuscan, Mediterranean and even South Pacific style homes are great styles to incorporate this type of wall. The bathroom below is a witty example of this with the incorporation of the adjacent framed textured wall, and well-shaped pendant lamps to round out the design.

Craftsman contemporary bathroom

Rock walls and the incorporation of other natural elements can also have a dramatic effect. These types of walls are best when inlaid into the design to stand out on their own and complement the room, rather than overtake it. So consider the size of the room and how it will be used when deciding how to proceed to make sure the beauty of what they offer visually can be showcased with balance.

The living space below is a dream, isn’t it?! It’s literally heaven on earth. But we digress; the rock wall featured on the two walls just marries so beautifully with the wood framework and off white walls that open up so magnificently to the tropical canvas backdrop of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.

Tropical Living Room Beach

Concrete and industrial looks are also a rising trend that have taken to wall decor. This look can be taken to extreme for more modern homes, but can also be incorporated into varying contemporary styles that call for a melded juxtaposition of decorative elements (i.e. a blending rustic chic with country French furniture). The room below presents just such a scenario. The fireplace wall showcases industrial-inspired textured paneling with an almost pebbled concrete finish, which translates well with the concrete staircase banister, then melds sublimely with the blend of furniture pieces for invited warmth within the space.

Contemporary Living Room


As you can see, there are endless possibilities with wall spaces. They’re blank canvases that can really work to transform your space both functionally and decoratively. Consider the possibilities and if you’re considering a remodel or new build, chat with your interior designer about adding some dimension and novelty to your walls with added treatments.

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