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8 Ways to Give Your Bathroom the Spa Treatment

One of the most self-indulging things you can do at home is to step into a spa-like bath and immerse yourself under warm flowing water. Regardless of whether you prefer a shower or a bath, there is nothing like entering a room that helps to reduce stress and energize your senses. However, if you are lacking that spa-like feeling in your home, you may want to think about incorporating these ideas into creating your very own spa retreat.

Natural Elements

Visit almost any spa and you’ll find traces of natural elements like teak, limestone, marble, and slate. Such elements bring a sense of calmness. Soapstone and sandstone are also great options. Bringing in natural elements can ensure that your new spa-like bath will endure a lot of use while maintaining a timeless look.

Open Shower

Why box in a shower or worry about cleaning a glass door? Newer concepts allow enough room to open up your shower space without having borders. Install dual rain heads, body sprays, or handheld options. Doing so will help you relax while taking in your surroundings.

Timeless Tubs

No spa bath is complete without a luxurious tub. Get creative and incorporate a built-in version allowing you to step down or place a free-standing tub front and center. Either way, you will engulf your spirits while you soak.

Elegant Vanities

Today’s vanity options are a far cry from built-in cabinetry. Open vanities allow you to neatly place towels and baskets. Floating vanities open up your bath by providing more visible space underneath — giving the illusion of more space.

Outdoor Inspirations

Whether you have a mountain or water view, capture it. Create visual stimulation by including an appealing outlook. Nature gives a calming feel, and you’re sure to wash away your stress by incorporating it into your bath. Plus, having natural light will help energize your spirits.

outdoor-bath Warming Trends

Splurge on heated floors and towel racks. A touch of warmth will help bring calmness and relaxation. If you really want to wipe away stress, opt for a built-in sauna. Smaller versions of are easily installed within a home, giving you the ultimate spa-like experience.

Clean Colors

Visit any spa and you are immediately invoked in warm natural tones or crisp clean white coloring. Choose your color scheme to create that same sense of calmness and nature. If you wish to make a bold statement, use pops of color with art or with accent pieces.

High-end Hardware

When creating your luxurious masterpiece, don’t skimp on the hardware. Choosing elegant timepieces will carry your design for several decades. Choose pieces that blend within your design or make a statement. Remember, these pieces are in use daily so you may even want to lean towards an elegant industrial look.

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