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Why We Love the San Diego Botanic Garden

If you are not already familiar with the San Diego Botanical Garden, it is a must-see hidden gem for locals and visitors alike. If you are already familiar, you know it’s difficult not to continue returning to the magical place — especially for those locals. Regular visitors are even known to build a special relationship with the garden because of the calming and cherishing effect it has on individuals. Here’s more you may want to know:

What is it?

Located in Encinitas, North County San Diego, the San Diego Botanic Garden is the 37 acre home of an array of plant varieties from all over the world. With four miles of trails, these botanical gardens are full of flowering trees, peaceful palms, serene vistas, and the nation’s largest bamboo collection. A number of tours are available for visitors to get the most out of a trip through the myriad of gardens. With over two dozen different gardens full of native, foreign, and endangered plants, the adventure never ends in a place like this.

What is it for?

As simply said by San Diego Botanic Garden themselves, the beautiful botanical gardens are meant “to inspire people of all ages to connect with plants and ages.” It is made clear that education, conservation, and plant evaluation are three of their key motivators in making this sanctuary appreciated and loved by all. Events, classes, and many other activities are held at the San Diego Botanic Garden — which is why it is a great spot for people of all ages. Between classes at the elementary and the college level to the general public and plant enthusiasts, education and inspiration in the garden is endless.

Why do we love them?

Just like the San Diego Botanical Garden, our team at Smith Brothers Construction understands the importance of building relationships and supporting the community. Because of these shared values, we can’t help but appreciate the San Diego Botanic Garden and get on board with them. We recently sponsored its upcoming 17th annual Gala in the Garden as a proud Pergola Provider. San Diego Botanic Garden regulars know very well what this day has to offer; and for those who have yet to visit, Gala in the Garden is a great opportunity to do so. The event is being hosted this Saturday, September 10th… We’ll see you there!

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