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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Design-build Team?

Clients who have worked with us know that what we offer is different than the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method — in which the design and construction services are divided and exist as separate entities, separate contracts, and separate work. This is a common method in our industry, and while we understand the reasoning behind it, at Smith Brothers, we aim to offer something more cohesive for our clients. The specialized method we adhere to and operate under is referred to as design-build. With this method, the delivery of a home build or remodeling project is done with a team of individuals who operate as one entity, and therefore, work under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. Design-build teams have both the contractor and designer working together on one team, which allows them to provide unified recommendations to a client on project details.

Below are some of the benefits of working with a design-build team:

They Work together as a Team

With a design-build team, everyone works under the same contract, and therefore, the processes and goals follow the same path. Furthermore, the entire team is on the same page of the project from inception to completion. This can be extremely reassuring to clients. Because these individuals have signed on to work together as a team, there’s an established sense of professional camaraderie that allows for the entire process of a home build or remodeling project to flow as seamlessly as possible.


These people work together on a regular basis, so they know and understand each other and have navigated one of the most important aspects of any project in our industry, and that is communication. Knowing how to communicate with one another is huge in our industry, and it is many times where details slip through the cracks, and things can go wrong. Knowing how to communicate as a team with your clients is a critical piece of any project puzzle.

Additionally, when you sign-up to work with a design-build team, the communication will be much more streamlined — in other words, you’ll be dealing with a lot fewer people on your project. Because the team works so closely together on a regular basis, there’s only a need for one or two main points of contact to keep the communication simple and effective.

Their Working Styles Meld

Individuals on a design-build team have come together because they compliment each other in both process, design, construction and overall execution style. This is a harmonious balance that can be hard to achieve if you’re not used to working and communicating with one another day-to-day.

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