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Fireplace Designs We Are Obsessed With

When the weather turns chilly, there’s nothing quite like the toasty warmth of a crackling fireplace. Here are five design ideas to inspire your new or remodeled space with a well-appointed fireplace:


From river-rocks to aggregate features, stone fireplaces have been popular choices for a variety of reasons. They are interesting and earthy, while their warm, rustic look lends a unique texture to your room. For example, this Big Sky, Montana living room fireplace boasts a stacked moss rock surround. Its neutral color plays well with the wooden mantel and warm ginger furnishings.

Image Credit: Architectural Digest

For a sleeker aesthetic, this modern Woodside, California living room features a wall of minimalistic Texas shell stone. This material and application would fit right in with a Mid-Century Modern remodel.

Image Credit : Architectural Digest


While the words ‘boring’ or “cold” may spring to mind when many people think of concrete, it’s quickly becoming a popular material in home design, from flooring to kitchen counters to fireplaces.  The trend of concrete finishing isn’t going to go away soon. If you’re not a fan of plain, matte gray, no worries – concrete can be stained, stamped, and molded to fit a variety of home styles. This Seattle home smartly pairs floor-to-ceiling windows with a modern industrial fireplace column. For added visual interest, the hardware securing the panels is left visible.

Image Credit : Houzz

Wood Molding

Wood fireplaces with architectural moldings are always a popular hearth design. Perfect for traditional home décor themes, a molded fireplace adds class and elegance to any room. Equally as attractive painted or left in its natural state, moldings allow the fireplace to be integrated into the entire room design from floor to ceiling. Here, a white wood molded fireplace blends perfectly with the architectural elements in the room. While fairly simple, it sports a visual relief at the top and framed molding above the mantel.

Image Credit : Architectural Digest


If you enjoy the relaxing sight of flickering flames, when it comes to fireplace design, sometimes less is more. This beautifully simple design highlights the texture and subtle hue of the stark wall without distracting.

Image Credit : Neiltortorella


For an especially striking focal point, a copper-clad fireplace is a great option. Depending on the finish, it can be warm or cool. This monolithic yet understated copper fireplace makes a serious visual impact, pulling the eye up to the soaring ceiling while emphasizing clean modern lines and an earthy, organic aesthetic at the same time.

Image Credit : Circle City Copperworks

Your fireplace sets the tone for your room; it adds an instant focal point, gives the space symmetry, and serves as a backdrop to favorite works of art and collections. There’s a fireplace design to suit any architectural home style and decor, from ornate mantels to rustic stone to sleek concrete.

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