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5 Things to Consider When Building a New Home

While you know building a new home is challenging, it can also be rewarding. As long as you do plenty of research and keep organized throughout the process, you shouldn’t have any problems. After all, it’s exciting creating your dream home! Here are a few things to consider when deciding to build a new home.

Understand Your Budget

Make certain that your dream fits within your finances. Every project build has a budget, but last minute changes, upgrades, and additional labor all increase expenses. Make sure you have open communication with your builder to ensure you understand how each change will effect your budget.

Location, Location, Location

You’re building your forever home so why does location matter? In short, things happen. You should think about resale even though you’re planning to stay. Putting some additional thought into the location of your home will also help ensure your new home doesn’t lose value. Look for home sites that are appealing to all types of buyers. Purchase within a desirable school district too. Should you have to sell, you won’t have any problem.

Remember, not all building lots are created equal. This is especially true with sloping lots or lots with steep grades. Ensure that your dream plan works with your desired lot. Also, think about how your home will sit, what views you want, the topography, and the weather. If you plan on having a basement, make certain your lot will accommodate it. Ask your builder if any grading needs to be done before building. Site preparation can swell thousands into your budget without even laying the foundation.

Visualize Everyday Living

Review your floor plan, and really think about how you will live on a daily basis. Do you want an open floor plan? When it comes to other major rooms consider the need for additional storage space. Building the home would be the best time to figure out how to add more in. If you feel like this is your forever home, think about having a master bedroom on the main level. Changes like these are best done when choosing a plan or having your designer or architect make changes before your builder starts.

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Usability of Utilities

Remember, this is your chance to get everything right. Review your plan for electrical outlets. Make sure there are plenty and that they are placed correctly. Same goes for outdoor access. It’s best to have outside outlets on each side of your home. If you don’t plan on having a professional landscape your yard, at least have your builder or electrician plan for adding access for future outdoor lighting, entertainment, etc. It’s much easier for an electrician to tie into an existing panel versus cutting a new hole for access. Irrigation and hose placement should also be determined now.

Conserve Energy

The beauty of building new is that you have a chance to strategize against increasing energy costs. Design and build smart—use materials that will keep your home well insulated. Pick siding materials that will last and insulate well. Choosing lighter colors, for both your siding and roof, will help reflect heat. Solar panels are a very popular way to conserve energy in those states that get plenty of sunshine like California and Hawaii.

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