Smith Brothers Featured in Garden Design Magazine!

Outdoor Patio

Smith Brothers Construction is featured in the new issue of the gorgeous Garden Design Magazine and we are so thankful to have been a part of this fantastic project!

Los Angeles landscape designer Scott Shrader has done some incredible work with homes all over Southern California and he recently brought his talent to a stunning Smith Brothers home in Coronado, which sits only one block from the beach.

What made this project special was that Scott Shrader, Island architects, Smith Brothers, and designers Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy, all worked collaboratively through the entire process. It was a true synergistic effort and everyone on the team was a part of the decision making process from concept to finish.

Shrader had to get creative with the outdoor design of this home since most of the lot was taken up by the home itself. He wanted to create a harmonious feeling between the inside and outside areas. Shrader developed four separate outdoor rooms that reflect the transparent and modern feel of the home. By combining materials such as stone, metal, succulents and olive trees, the neutral palette helped to preserve the serene and calm atmosphere of the contemporary stucco and glass home. The gardens had to “completely relate to the indoors and feel comfortable while standing up to the strong modern building,” according to Garden Design Magazine.


Each of the four garden areas outside stands on its own. By using subtle contrasts such as smooth limestone in one area and antique textured cobbles in another, Shrader was able to show different moods for each outside area.

“Changing surfaces underfoot signal that you’re leaving one outdoor room for another, just as they do indoors, when you go from wood floor to a rug,” says Shrader.


The autumn issue of Garden Design Magazine is shipping now! Click here for more information.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we at Smith Brothers are extremely thankful for all the projects that we get to be a part of and this one is no exception! From our family to yours, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking to make a design and decor change in your home in San Diego, California but can’t decide which direction to go? We get it. The choices can be overwhelming and our talented designers can help. Contact Smith Brothers to see how we can help you!


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