La Jolla Pool with Disappearing Edge

Seven Creative Ways To Customize Your Swimming Pool

During the deep heat of summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than lounging poolside in the luxury of your own backyard—and with smart architectural and design choices, that luxury can increase tenfold. At Smith Brothers, we have over forty years of experience executing award-winning custom homes, and we’d be thrilled to help you bring your dream pool to life.  With today’s technology and the abundance of stunning materials to choose from, the options are almost endless.

So where do you start?

Here are seven creative ways we can customize your swimming pool, so you can escape the summer heat in style.

Ditch the Rectangle

The simplest way to get creative with your swimming pool is to choose a unique shape. Try a sophisticated half-circle, an organic freeform, or even a geometric U-shape, with a lounge area or jacuzzi bisecting the pool’s two ends.

Choose Unexpected Materials

Instead of the settling for the standard concrete or plaster bottom, consider finishing the underwater surface of your pool with beautiful glass tile. This feature can then be augmented with an elegant stone on top to create an eye-catching juxtaposition between materials.

Make it Disappear

Smith Brothers Pool With Disappearing Edge

If a breathtaking backdrop surrounds your property, then you’ll likely want to take advantage of view, and ensure a sense of harmony between pool and landscape. Choosing a disappearing edge can turn a simple design into a dazzling focal point, and allow the scenery to truly shine.

Zero Edge, Maximum Tranquility

Like a disappearing edge, a zero edge design can ultimately make your pool look larger and better integrated into the surrounding property. This seamless, serene effect is produced by using a surge tank to make the water level flush with your deck.

Custom Built La Jolla Pool & Spa

Swap in Salt Sanitizer

Chlorine is known for causing red eyes and itchy skin, and can even wear out your swimsuit faster. Instead, choose a salt sanitizer, which also diminishes the amount of pool maintenance necessary while simultaneously saving you money on chemical costs.

Elevate the Aesthetic with a Retaining Wall

On steep slopes, engineering the pool to act as a retaining wall serves both form and function. This design diverts rain water and dirt away from your pool, and can also double as a dramatic backdrop, thereby making your yard more visually dynamic.

Pool & Spa on Oahu

Employ Solar Energy

Finally, by utilizing solar energy and a pool cover to heat the water of your pool, you can reduce overall energy costs, minimize cleaning efforts, and ensure that your pool operates at peak performance for many years to come.

If the refreshing fun of a private swimming pool isn’t reason enough, remember that an expertly-designed pool can raise your property value significantly—especially in Southern California and Hawaii, where residents are able to enjoy the water year round.

So are you ready to take the plunge? Contact us today, and let the Smith Brothers team of architects, contractors, and designers create the perfect custom pool design for you.

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