A new decade is upon us, and thus, a new wave of interior design trends and fabs. If you are planning to remodel or redecorate your home in 2020, you may also be wondering how to update your home without having it look dated in a few years. How and where should you incorporate trends? And how can you make your home look modern and updated but also create a timeless look? Below we share remodeling ideas and interior design trends for 2020!

Here are seven things to consider when remodeling this year:

2020 Interior Design Key: Open Floor Plan

With more and more houses incorporating open floor plans and great rooms, connecting is becoming easier. With new 2020 interior design trends, privacy and individual rooms are being traded for open, communal spaces with the kitchen, living and dining areas being seamlessly joined. With these layouts, less space is being unused. If you are wanting to make your home more open, consider knocking down a wall or doing a complete remodel of the main floor. Always consult with an engineer or your construction company before changing your home structurally.

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Biophilic Design

What is Biophilic Design? According to industry professionals, biophilic design is a concept to help facilitate connection with nature or a natural environment into our everyday lives. It incorporates values of sustainability and wellness, and aims to contribute to human health and wellbeing. Nature and greenery have been shown to bring rest and ease to the human mind, and in an age where people are constantly looking at a screen for work or play, society is doing what is can to bring the outside indoors. Consider incorporating a plant wall into your home, or adding a vase of flowers to your tables or countertops. Tip: Use real plants. Fake plants tend to collect dust over time, and don’t nearly contribute to health in the same way.

Bold Colors

All white or grey-on-grey design looks are making their way out as the Roaring Twenties approach, and bold colors are making their way in. While bold colors or even wallpaper will go in and out of style faster than neutral colors will, they can certainly be fun to incorporate and will make a room pop! So how do we make a room pop without going overkill? 

Try incorporating bold colors into accent pieces. For example, add bright green throw or pillows. Maybe only paint the bottom kitchen cabinets and leave the top neutral. Lastly, you can add a pop of paint color to one room, possibly a bathroom or entryway. 

Modern Wood Cabinetry 

While cooler tones are being replaced for warmer tones and bold colors, open shelving is being replaced for the ease and organized look of cabinets. While open shelving is still popular for 2020 interior design, some are finding that cabinets are much more functional. One does not have to worry about every dish or glass getting dirty from kitchen grease, and less time is spent making sure dishes and baking pans are organized properly when they are in plain sight. 

White Appliances

While stainless steel is an excellent material that is still widely popular for appliances, white appliances are making their comeback in the design world. Even though white has never gone out of style (in fact, it is still the most popular color for homeowners), white appliances were not as trendy once the new millennium came. However, today people are trading the cooler, industrial style for a warm, yet clean style. New white appliances now have a glossy, sleek look in comparison to the bumpy texture from years ago. One more fun fact- if you have a small kitchen, opt for white appliances. It’ll make the room feel larger. 

2020 Interior Design Key: Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere in a home. While the world does it’s best to create artificial light that resembles natural, there is still no comparison to a well-lit room from a sunny day. When you remodel your home this year, consider adding windows, or making some of your windows larger to let in more light. This is particularly important in kitchens and bathrooms, where the lack of light can make a room feel small or drab. Black frames are currently popular, and grilles can add a sophisticated and classy look. While the initial cost might be on the higher end, it’s truly an investment that will return not only a fantastic atmosphere, but an increase in property value.  

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Wall Trim

Wall trim or paneling can make a plain room look sophisticated. Spruce up your wall by adding simple, even square or rectangle trim. To create a look that won’t go out of style, stray away from complicated geometric patterns that lay randomly or diagonally. While they may be trendy now, they could potentially make your home look dated in a few years’ time.

Happy remodeling!

-Smith Brothers

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