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Smith Brothers Construction started in 1978, providing award-winning design, residential architecture and construction. For decades, our team has built luxury homes from the ground up throughout the San Diego County and the North County coastal communities. Our services equally extend to the interior and exterior design of a home, rounding out the overall home building experience from inception to completion. We proudly serve the San Diego community providing a full range superior services with proven expertise in a menagerie of styles from simplistic to extravagant.


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We’ve designed and built an array of home styles throughout the years — from mid-century modern to craftsman, ranch, varying of revival styles, contemporary, classic and much more.


We design it, then we build it.

Smith Brothers Construction has designed and built hundreds of dream homes all over California and Hawaii. With an in-house design/build team, everyone works under the same umbrella. The entire team is on the same page of the project from inception to completion. Because these individuals have signed on to work together as a team, there’s an established sense of professional camaraderie that allows for the entire process of a home build or remodeling project to flow as seamlessly as possible.

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Traditionally the construction process is done in 3 steps Design, Bid, then Build.

First you find someone to design your project, next you request proposals and bids from numerous contacting firms that you will have to decipher from which is the best to then finally build your project. The Design and Construction teams don't ever speak and communication is a nightmare. People have been putting up with this process for years and it didn't make a whole lot of sense to us here at Smith Brothers Construction, we envisioned something that was more efficient and that produced higher quality results.

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We Specialize in Custom Home Design & Construction


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