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Interior Design: Color Choices for Children’s Bedrooms

Color concepts for children’s bedrooms are a plenty. There are so many aspects to consider. Is this for a potential new little arrival to the family? Is this for a toddler? A teenager? Will the kids be sharing the bedroom? Boy? Girl?

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A sense of whimsy, beauty, innocence and of course youth come mind.

Immediately we start to think through the eyes of a child, and depending on the age they’re at, a flood of ideas come to mind. You may even ask for their input depending on their age. Caveat: your teenager will most likely want to weigh-in on some level.

On the flip-side of this fun project, some challenges may come to light such as how to choose the colors based on their growth, but remember that things can always be changed to accommodate their age as time goes on. So don’t let the devil get caught in the future “what-if” details.

Here are some color concepts to consider for all age groups when it comes to designing youthful bedroom spaces:

Infants, Babies and Toddlers

This is a special time for you and your family. Designing the nursery can fill your heart with excitement when it comes to decor. Define your color choices to set the overall tone of the space. Keep in mind that colors are very stimulating to your child, so choose wisely.

According to color specialists, there are two methods used to establish the design for a baby’s room. The first and simpler method is to choose one main color, then add two accents, placed around the room in a balanced fashion. A second approach is to choose two complementary colors and add one or two accents.

Soft blues and greens tend to slow down the nervous system and produce a sense of calmness and tranquility. Light yellows and oranges tend to have a mood brightening effect as long as they’re not too bold. Keep the hues less saturated when it comes to wall colors, and add the accents of more intense hues in smaller doses.

Darker colors such as reds and blacks may be too dominant and are thought to pull energy from the room. These may be too much for your little one, so if you’re thinking of using them, add sparingly as accent colors.

For toddlers, consider livening up the room to ignite their imagination and encourage learning behaviors. A popular trend is to paint one wall with chalkboard paint for children to draw-on to their hearts content. To help with cleanliness, encourage organization with fun color containers that specific items are put away in – Example: stuffed animals go in the yellow container, while building blocks go in the blue container, etc.

The 5 to 10 Year Olds

This is a fun age for growth. Children of this are beginning to learn their independence, but are also largely within the primary stages of academics. This is a wonderful time to encourage their educational growth in their bedroom space. Kids of this age can benefit from bolder color choices. However, remember still not to go too dark in the overall color scheme. While darkness can offer serenity in certain settings, it can also have a depressing effect if you’re not careful.

Encourage brightness and happiness with an accent wall of bright blue or lavender – depending on gender. Incorporating artwork they’ve done at school can be framed and hung on the wall, thus presenting a positive sense of accomplishment.

Asking for your child’s input on paint colors and maybe even some wallpaper can also be a fun learning exercise to help them learn the basics of coordination, choice and individuality.

The Tweens and Teens

By the time your child has entered the teen years, independence has truly set its roots. Tweens and teens are at that in between stage of childhood and adulthood, and they’re finding (or may have already found) their voice. This is a great time to ask them to weigh-in on the color scheme of their bedroom.

Teens need their rooms to be a sanctuary. A place to study, listen to music, journal, and display their interests.

Bear in mind that this is an impressionable time, so keeping their subconscious mind in a focused and positive state is key for this age group. Bolder color choices such as reds, navy blues, and even blacks may be at the top of your teen’s list – but keep these tones to accent walls. Regardless of age, these colors may be to stimulating and break concentration. Instead, choose room decor with the bolder color of choice and paint walls in more neutral earthy or water inspiring tones to coordinate with it to offer some balance and help with focus.

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