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5 Things Every Bedroom Needs

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – it’s where you start and end each day, and where you spend the most restful moments of your life. So what could be more important than giving a little love to the interior design and decor of your bedroom? Follow these five simple steps to transform any bedroom into your own personal dreamland.


First and foremost, the essence of your bedroom will be determined by the colors you dress it in. Spend some time looking at artwork, elements of nature, and other beloved items that bring you joy – which colors stand out among the things you love best? Choose a theme that speaks to the way you’d like to feel each morning when you wake up. If you’re going for cool and calm, select soft and subtle tones.

Master Bedroom Soft Colors
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Energized, go bright and vibrant.

Teal Bedroom
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Or for a little opulent drama, try dark shades with splashes of color and shine.

Grey bedroom with gold lamp
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The Bed

The key to your perfect bedroom lies at its heart: the bed. We famously spend two-thirds of our lives here, and it pays to pamper yourself when it comes to the materials you select. Choose an excellent mattress in the style that suits you best, and a beautiful bed frame that blends with your interior design and decor – low and streamlined for a more contemporary feeling

Modern bedroom chevron rug
Image source: Modern & Classy

or grand and stately for a classic boudoir.

4 poster bed modern
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Finally, invest in several sets of quality bedding to complete your ideal bed – choose natural fibers and high thread counts for that extra element of luxury that won’t come out in the wash.

Waverly Luxe Bedding Set from Hillhouse Home
Waverly Luxe Bedding Set from Hillhouse Home


No nest is complete without a place to rest your head! And for any interior design and decor, there’s nothing like a few extra pillows to make your bed as cozy as can be. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes

Norsuinteriors bedroom rose gold
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– this is a great place to add small doses of metallics or patterns

Colorful pillows on bed with green headboard
Image source: Dimples and Tangles

without overpowering the room. You’ll be surprised how inviting a pile of beautiful pillows can be.

without overpowering the room. You’ll be surprised how inviting a pile of beautiful pillows can be.


The bedroom is arguably the most romantic room in the house, in every sense of the word. And there are so many ways to set the mood! Whatever your style, pay extra attention to the lighting in your bedroom – it’s nice to have options for low light in the evening hours, in the form of dimmable bulbs, lanterns, twinkle lights or candles.


Bright white and rustic bedroom
Image source: Dream Book Design


Warm bedroom with lanterns
Image source: Decozilla
Twinkle Lights Bedroom
Image source: Buzzfeed

Textures are another great way to create a sumptuous feeling, by layering different weights and fabrics:

Grey modern bedroom with white brick
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look to the rug, your bedding, throw blankets and pillows, drapes, upholstery and even the paint on your walls for places to add a bit of depth.

Teal feature wall bedroom
Image source: Bedroom 891

Round out the ambiance with plants or cut flowers.

Dark Gray bedroom Bohemian simple
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To complete the transformation, every bedroom needs a touch of the artistic: this is the perfect place to keep those few pieces of artwork that bring you the deepest bliss. Perhaps you have one statement piece

Beachy aqua bedroom
Image source: Harper’s Bazaar

that grows more beautiful to you each time you look at it. If you’re a collector, you might choose a selection of your favorite small pieces

Light cabin chic bedroom
Image source: cosasdepalmichula.blogspot via Pinterest

to keep on a shelf, wall or table where you’ll see them each morning when you wake up. If your interior design and decor is about clean, bare walls, then look for ways to work the art right into the design of your room – perhaps in the form of a mural,

Norwegian Fjord Mural Wall
Image source: Murals Wallpaper

or an unusual material choice on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Floral imprinted wood flooring
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And finally, invest in a luxurious quality mattress bed. Our clients love the beds from Duxiana.

Duxiana Bed
Image credit: Duxiana

Extra touches…

in a bedroom can be a fireplace and shades or drapes for decadent napping on the weekends. We also think beds should be big enough to accommodate kids and dogs.

A nightstand can also tell a lot about a person…what interesting books are on the radar, a personal picture or two and maybe a yummy candle.

Jo Malone Home Candles
Image source: Jo Malone

By following these five guidelines, you’ll easily turn any bedroom into an oasis of comfort, calm, and enchantment.

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