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5 Creative Kitchen Upgrades

Love to cook, but perhaps a little tired of your not-so-inspiring kitchen? You’re not alone. Plus, more people are turning to cooking as a mainstay hobby. Since your outdated kitchen isn’t as accommodating as you would like, take a look at these creative updates. You may find one or two that inspires you to do a bit more than just preparing frozen entrées.

Create Cookbook Storage

If you love cooking, chances are you have some serious recipes—great cooks always do. Having a place to store your beloved hardcover favorites can sometimes create a challenge. Think about adding a built-in bookshelf under your island. It provides the perfect storage space, and your favorite spicy paperback will be located right where you need it.

Bold Backsplash

If you’re craving color, think about adding a colorful backsplash. The pop of color will lift your spirits and brighten the room. Try a pattern or a solid bold color for fun. You can even coordinate your bar seating to add a bit more flare.

bold backsplash

Functional Warmth

Trying to feed the entire family at the same time in the middle of a week is quite hectic. Add a built-in warming drawer to help keep food warm. Plus, a warming drawer can help save you time when entertaining or preparing holiday meals.

Go Industrial

If you’re serious about cooking and keeping it clean, you may want to opt for a more industrial look. Stainless steel doesn’t have to appear only on appliances. Many household cooks are opting for stainless countertops or islands as well.

industrial kitchen

Light Show

Lighting choices are extremely important in a kitchen upgrade. You’ll want to add a bit of character to your standard recessed lighting options, too. Try several different pendants or dueling chandeliers.  If you’re really craving creativity, commission a custom piece. Not only will your updated kitchen look fabulous, but you’ll also have a great conversation piece.

Chop Chop Convenience

Chopping fruits and veggies just got a lot more efficient. A pullout convenient chopping drawer allows cooks to prepare and push scraps directly in the trash. Cutting drawers are another way to help serious cooks chop and dice faster. Newer drawers are located right above the pullout garbage. It’s an incredible, handy feature and makes cleanup a snap.

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Added Energy

Being a cook also means that you most likely have the latest in cooking gadgets. If so, you’ll need multiple outlets. Don’t worry, outlets don’t have to take center stage on your beautiful backsplash. Get creative and hide them. Start by adding outlets underneath your upper cabinets. Not only will this save space, but it will keep your gorgeous walls in tact.

Colorful Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are great, but if you’re looking to turn the heat up a notch, you may want to try adding a section of cabinetry in a different color. The contrast between your colorful cabinets and your wooden floor will flow perfectly without an overwhelming sense of cabin fever. Furthermore, it helps bring in a main color as your backdrop.

Add the Art

Add in your favorite pieces of original artwork. Go bold and use it to add color, or add multiple pieces to create a larger statement wall. Adding art to a room creates an upbeat energy, which can be funneled into creative cooking. Furthermore, art pieces can add hints of your favorite colors without overwhelming the palette.

Updating your kitchen should be fun and exciting. If you’re thinking about proceeding with a new update, make a list of all the convenient and fun elements that you want to bake in to your new design.


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