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Lighting: Pendants and Chandeliers That Inspire

The fall season is fast approaching, bringing shorter days and longer nights. Less daylight means increased usage of our indoor, and even outdoor, lighting. Fall can often inspire us to look at updating or adding new lighting options to our spaces.

Early autumn is a great time to make some lighting changes to your home. At this time of year our lives have shifted from a summer schedule, to a more regimented one in an effort to accommodate school and other family life activities. But the holidays haven’t hit quite yet, and this allows you some time to make some small adjustments before “the busiest time” of the year hits.

Lighting options can be subdued or exist as one of the boldest statements in the room. While they all offer the function of added light, the decorative element they add can be so impactful.

We’re setting our focus for this blog largely on visual inspiration. The images below are from past projects that showcase the importance of decorative lighting. Each of the pendants and chandeliers featured brought an important element of whimsy and style to their intended space to truly complement the overall style and decor of the home in its entirety.

But before we get to the visuals, here are some tips to consider when making lighting changes to your home:

Consider the Size of the Room and How it functions

While you may love the look of a grand chandelier, or large pendant piece, the mere size of these may not work within your space. While lighting can act as a statement piece, it should also exist in a balanced fashion within the room. If the room is meant to be more of a functional space (i.e. kitchen or bathroom), consider recessed lighting or a fixture that resides closer to the wall. And while we’re on the subject of room functionality, consider the amount of light the fixture will output – will it be enough or too much for intended space? All questions to ask your lighting specialist or better yet, an interior design expert.

Cool or Warm Lighting?

Another aspect that is often overlooked is lighting preference where bulbs are concerned. Do you prefer a cool or warm light? This can play hugely into your fixture choice as some will fair better with cool lighting, while others really call for a warmer glow. While some fixtures can work well with either a warm or cool bulb, the one piece of advice we can give is to keep the light preference consistent throughout your home. Your decor will dictate which color light bulb will work best.

Eco-Friendly Bulbs

The environment is an important factor with lighting and energy so please keep this in mind, not only when choosing the fixture, but the bulbs as well. Even if you have solar panels, we encourage the use of energy efficient bulbs as they’re easier on the environment with their extended life usage which cuts back on waste and lowers our carbon footprint overall.

Fun Tip: If you love warm lighting and filament bulbs are your thing, there are eco friendly LED filament bulbs available!

And without further ado, here are some beautiful pendants and chandeliers from a few of our home building and remodeling projects. Enjoy!

Pendant Lighting


Traditional Large Dining Room SB


Large Kitchen and Dining in Hawaii

Modern Bathroom


Fancy Ranch Style Master Bedroom


Bali Inspired Room


Spanish Revival Stairway

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