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Light Up Your Home with These Fun Fixtures

Designing your home is truly a labor of love. It’s understandable when you fret over the last little detail to make everything just perfect. However, there are some designer choices that make us almost giddy when picking out that perfect inspiration piece. Light fixtures definitely fall into the inspiration category, but they also have to be functional. Lucky for you, we’re highlighting a few great pieces to give your home that added touch of character.

Floor Lamps

When a dark corner presents itself, fix it with a floor lamp. Floor lamps are great for adding just enough light in a hard to reach place. Also perfect for adding extra light for reading, floor lamps can be colorful, sleek, or even unique replicas of famous works of art.


A chandelier needing to light an entryway may be a lot different in size than one that anchors a dining room. Choose pieces that go with your home’s architecture. If you have a modern style home, you may want to venture away from more traditional pieces. Try looking for a unique piece of artwork that helps make a statement.

rustic chandelier
Image Via LeeCarolineArt


Pendant lights aren’t just for kitchens. Try using pendants in your bathroom, a large hallway, anywhere that justifies having multiple sets of light fixtures. Plus, pendant lights can make a large statement or be as subdued as you need. Many artisans offer signature pieces to ensure that you have a unique piece for your home. Furthermore, pendants also play a very critical part in adding specific light within a smaller radius area. Therefore, you’ll be justified to purchase more than just one.

pendant lights
Image Via Homebunch

Recessed Lighting

recessed lighting
Image via HGTV

Why go standard when you can have fun? Recessed lighting has evolved from spotlights that favor ceiling eyeballs to today’s wonderful pieces of subtle art. You’ll find that most people choose a traditional round recessed light with a 6-inch halo, but there are other options. Recessed lighting has become a very trendsetting tool within the designer world. Homes that have longer hallways or displays of original art may need additional lighting.

Wall Lighting

Traditionally found in bathrooms and hallways, the wall light has mastered and performed the function of helping homeowners get a better view of fine lines everywhere. Even though today’s functions haven’t changed much, the light fixture itself has. LED bulbs make wall lights even brighter and more efficient. You’ll find modern versions with heavy industrial lines or hammered glass for a more artistic look.

When picking out your light fixtures, start with understanding how much light you want and need within the area. Not all spaces require loads of bright lumens. However, think about how your space is used. If it’s a kitchen or bath, you probably want a mixture of lighting options to create different moods. Both rooms need to be functional, but also serve different purposes. Areas with art, in particular, need lighting that can highlight focal points.  Bedroom lighting needs to provide a restful and inviting mood. Whatever your lighting needs are, have fun in selecting pieces that harmonize your home.

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