Hallway in large home with rugs

Hallways: Personality Pathways Within The Home

Bright hallway with white couchHallways of the 18th century were often designed with tranquility and rest in mind, as this was considered appropriate (especially) in many European and American cultures during this time period. A hallway would often serve as a soothing space to welcome travelers after their long and trying journeys. Think days, weeks, and even months of travel abundantly absent of the luxuries that our modern world provides.

Hallways literally command attention in their own right as these pathways throughout a home not only provide room to room function and flow, but they also set a theme and provide cohesion within a home.

This room is frequented perhaps more often than any room within your dwelling. Therefore appropriate planning of these spaces is an absolute when it comes to the scope of your architectural layout, interior design, and decor plan.

While the entrance of a home may not serve as an actual “hallway” per se (depending on the layout), it is essentially a part of the hallway experience. Hallway entrances serve as the welcoming arms of your space. The entrance hall of your home is the first impression “moment” where you can present the unique stamp of your personality, or reflect and perhaps draw attention to the history of the house with embellishment… imaginably with a little more flare than with the other rooms of your home. It is a well-used room. People walk through it day in and day out, yet no one really spends much time there, so you can afford to be daring if you wish.

One thing to keep in mind with this venture is where you’d like the point of impact to be. If you’re in the planning stages of a home build, consider the size of the front door, to the ceiling height. If you’re remodeling, explore options that compliment your interior design choices especially if redefining the layout of your entrance. High ceilings may implore for center stage with the grandiose statement of a chandelier or other creative lighting options. Intimate hallways can be displayed with bolder flooring choices or paint colors that accentuate the rooms that follow.

For the final touches, consider other entrance needs such as closets, entryway tables and hooks for guests to hang their coat and hat. Mirrors and creative imagery can also enhance hallway spaces – wherein the theme of your home has now officially begun.

Hallways Throughout the Home
The interwinding pathways within a home rest more easily than the entrance hall. While they are of no less importance, the pressure is off for that first impression. Hallways lead from one room to the next. Some offer short narrow distances, while others can take you on a journey throughout the vast corridors of a dwelling. The important thing to remember here is consistency and flow. That doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your space, but the flow should match the overall aesthetic and structural design of the home when it comes to a custom build or remodeling project.

Lighting can be a crucial element in these areas. Consider the width and height of your hallway and go from there. Wall sconces are pleasantly decorative and can often provide ambient lighting for a more demure effect in the evening. Recessed lighting relieves tighter hallway spaces and can provide a wide range of bright to vague lighting with the simple add of a dimmer switch.

Shorter hallways can still call for flare with accent paint colors, wallpapers, small pieces of artwork or even slight shelving for treasured accoutrements to compliment the space. Longer and wider stretches may call for the opportunity of a decorative bench or table to present fresh florals, greenery and photographs.

Your contractor and interior designer will ultimately guide you through the process, but  as the home will ultimately be your sanctuary, try to picture and communicate how you will utilize this space and what make sense in your day to day living.

Some prefer simplicity, yet minimalist personalities can still enjoy the frivolity of some simple decor with paint color choices. Others prefer to let their ornate imaginations run wild.

Whatever you decide, remember the leading and guiding significance of the hallways within your home and plan accordingly.

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