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Gift Guide for the New Homeowner

The joys of being a new homeowner are filled with creative ideas, dreams and the feeling of sanctuary. If you know someone who just purchased a home, or is getting ready to do so, you can help them with the beginning of great memories. This holiday season is perfect for gifting a little something extra to help make their home feel more personal, warm and inviting. Here are some fun creative ideas and practical picks for the new homeowner.

For the Creative Homeowner

Find a local artist who can either paint a masterpiece that will fit nicely in the new home — something that depicts the local neighborhood or owner’s personal style. The painting can even feature a move-in date or coordinates. This is a gift that will stand the test of time, and you’ll be supporting local artisans as well.

If you wish to splurge a bit, consider commissioning an artist to customize the perfect piece for the happy homeowners. On the other hand, you can always pick a classic that goes well with a collection your friend would love to add to.

For the Gardener

When buying gifts for gardeners, you can go practical or whimsical depending on the home façade. For first-time homeowners, simple garden tools like a hose or spade make great gifts. You can also help them get a garden started by providing seeds or small shrubs. For a simple yet fun addition to a garden, try wind chimes or lawn ornaments. For a formal garden area, try a beautiful garden statue.

The DIY Homeowner

Every home is different, and some homeowners love incorporating their personal touch by using sweat equity. If this sounds like your family member or friend, you may want to go with a creative set of tools. A nice portable tool box complete with several standard tools will be much appreciated — consider throwing in a hammer, screwdriver, nails, screws and pliers. Make certain to top it off with a lovely bow.

The Chef or Foodie

For people who love to cook, you can go with practical kitchen essentials or find something special for those entertaining meals. Personalized aprons are always a great choice. Even the minor additions such as grill utensils or wine openers will be much appreciated. If you’re looking for something that your homeowner friend can use daily, consider a magnetic knife rack or a nice set of knives. You may also want to check out a ceramic cooker or a Dutch oven depending on the cooking style you’re buying for.

Glassware and decanters are useful for homeowners who like to entertain. If your friend or loved one is a first-time homeowner, it’s likely they are light on entertaining serving utensils. Then think about adding a house-warming bottle of wine!

For More Traditional Gifting

If you’re looking for more traditional flair, you may want to try a custom address stamp along with stationary. It’s practical, yet it will add a touch of elegance to the personal thank you notes they’ll be sending out down the road.

Welcome mats are always a fun, personalized addition for a new homeowner. Try to stick with a style that your friend or loved one will appreciate most. A personalized key ring is also a good choice. Add a special engraving such as the move-in date or the homeowner’s name or initials. You may also want to consider a custom welcome plaque, which offers a bit of character and curb appeal.

Whatever you choose as a gift for the new homeowner, do your best to match it with the architectural style and interior of the home along with the personal style of whoever you’re buying for. Doing so will allow the new homeowner to happily and easily incorporate your special touch with theirs.

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