Architect Gardner Dailey

A Glance at Gardner Dailey and His Architectural Influence on the Bay Area

Gardner Dailey, an innovative 20th-century architect, helped to define a style of Bay Area architecture during the 1930s and 1940s that is still very prevalent today. Known as the “Bay Region Style” or “Bay Area Tradition,” Dailey’s love and appreciation of modern architecture helped to create some of the finest examples of minimalist design in the San Francisco Bay area.

Dailey’s Career History

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota to parents with a modest income, Dailey moved to San Francisco as a teenager. At an early age, he joined the Army Air Corp as a pilot, flying reconnaissance missions during World War I where he won a Purple Heart but was left blinded in one eye from injuries. After the war, Dailey enrolled and graduated from Stanford University where he studied drafting and engineering. He began his career as a landscape designer in the Bay area, and in 1927, he got his architect’s license and opened his own architectural office. One of his first projects was the design of a country estate in Woodside for Julian Thorne, a prominent speculator. This project was just the beginning of an illustrious, long-term career in modern Bay Area architecture for Gardner Dailey.

Over the course of his architectural career, Dailey developed a diverse body of work. His portfolio includes beautiful outdoor gardens, simple rural homes, elegant city mansions and various university buildings for UC Berkeley and Stanford that are outstanding examples of Bay Area architecture. Dailey also designed the master plan for UC Davis, as well as several hotels in Hawaii and the Philippines.

Bay Region Style

Along with several other prominent 20th-century architects like William Wurster, Bernard Maybeck and Joseph Esherick, Gardner Dailey introduced modern architecture to Northern California. As one of the founders of the “Bay Region Style,” Dailey gained quick recognition for his modernist design principles that created homes with clean, architectural lines, abundant infusions of glass and natural light and cohesive transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. His homes often include broad, curving staircases with cylindrical metal banisters that add sophistication and elegance, as well as blond-tinted or natural wood paneling that creates a warm, inviting interior. Most Gardner Dailey homes reflect low, horizontal spaces with doors and windows in carefully measured grids. Overhanging, sloped roofs inspired by Japanese architecture reflect a soft modernism sense of style.

One of Dailey’s earliest designs in 1938, the Lowe House in Woodside, won first prize in House Beautiful for its modernist style and features. In 1939, the L.D. Owens house in Sausalito won national recognition for its extensive glazing and indoor/outdoor living plan. Dailey also received national recognition in 1951 for Raycliff Terrace and the International-Style Red Cross building, which is now demolished. Other notable homes that reflect Bay Area architecture include the Heil House in Pacific Heights and 285 Telegraph Hill Boulevard, both grand examples of 1930s Modernism.

Three homes on Telegraph Hill Boulevard designed by Gardner Dailey

Although Dailey’s earliest homes, like the circa-1929 Arnold House in Hillsborough, showed a strong Revival influence, his later homes resembled rambling, 1950s ranch-style structures with modern features like shake roofs and redwood-planked siding. It’s not clear why Dailey’s style transitioned from traditional to modern through the years, but modern architecture would not be the same if it had not. Gardner Dailey’s influence on modern architecture in Northern California created the “Bay Region Style” that is of historical significance in Bay Area architecture today. Until his death in 1967, Dailey strongly promoted San Francisco arts and modern architecture that had a big impact on the Bay Area lifestyle.

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