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Fall Colors and Trends for Your Home

Warm orange tones that spectrum from gold to rust, vivid plums and purples, rich reds for accent, and cozy brown hues that meld it all together – the colors of fall. Throughout history decor has taken a cue from the seasons for home and fashion. These colors represent the ripening of nature as they delight us with their varying shades of warmth before falling into the slumber of winter. While southern California and Hawaii provide us with a much more mild change of season, we still take cue from the northern regions when it comes to color trends for fall.

As designers, we align our visions with the suggestions from the color experts at Pantone. In their Fashion Color Report for 2015, they’ve dubbed the harvest color palette “An Evolving Color Landscape” stating that “This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.” Below is a screenshot of the fall Pantone color palette for 2015.

Pantone Color Report Fall 2015
Image credit:

Little tip on this: if you go to the website and hover your mouse over the colors, you can see the name and number assigned to each one.

As you can see neutrality with a small mix of bolder tinges that resonate with the season are where it’s at for fall 2015. So how can you incorporate these colors into your home decor? Here are some of our suggestions:

Change Up the Color on Your Walls

Painting your walls seasonally isn’t exactly realistic (for most of us), but if you love fall and the warmth it brings, this palette could provide some solution to your overall decor more indefinitely. Painting your walls is a great way to change up your home decor. It creates a backdrop for everything else to fall into place from furniture, to artwork, and other home adornments. We also think it’s a pretty fun art project! The more neutral tones in the above color palette can serve as inspiration for paint choices such as Desert Sage, Oak Buff, Dried Herb and Stormy Weather (which was actually featured as the Color of September on If these hues are too rich for an entire room, think accent wall or even try to go a few shades lighter. And lastly, you could also tie the color of your choosing in with other fun wall treatments such as a stone or wood paneled wall.

Desert Sage Pantone ColorOak Buff Pantone ColorDried Herb Pantone ColorStormy Weather Pantone Color

Here’s how beautifully Stormy Weather can play on your walls.

Stormy Weather Paint Color BEHR
Image credit: BEHR Paint

Switch Up Your Cozy Embellishments

Pillows, blanket throws, and bedding can be switched up fairly easily to work with the changing seasons. As our lives shift from summer to fall, we’re ready to take solace in our homes more frequently. Cozying up with a book, and lounging with a glass of wine by the fireplace. So why not bring some of the above fall 2105 colors into this mix. The deep teal tone of Biscay Bay and the soft crimson-like Marsala are bolder tones that can be incorporated beautifully into bedding, or your living room couch. If it’s time to invest in new furniture, think of either reupholstering your couches with these tones in mind, or maybe add some lounge chairs or an ottoman.

Side Note: We should mention that it’s interesting to us the while Marsala wasn’t a crowd favorite when initially announced by Pantone, the masses have warmed up (no pun intended) and it’s clearly proven that it’s here to stay. It truly is a versatile color. We can easily envision this in every decor style from Spanish, to Asian, Baroque and even modern and contemporary veins.

Biscay Bay Pantone Color


Here’s a gorgeous example of the couch that brings the rich Biscay Bay to life from Brabbu designs.

Biscay Bay Pantone Color Couch
Image credit: Brabbu Designs

We love throw blankets to incorporate seasonal color, and these Tobias blankets are available in a variety of colors including a Marsala inspired burgundy.

Hot Tip: They’re on sale right now on

Marsala Pantone Color

Tobias Throw Blankets
Image Credit:
Tobias Throw Blanket Marsala
Image Credit:

Accessorize for the Season

You may already do this with your holiday decor, but if you’re thinking a little more long term there are ways to utilize your favorite colors from the fall palette where accessories are concerned. Vases are such a great way to add color. A vase in delicate purple Amethyst Orchid, or the deep blue-green of Reflecting Pond would beautifully house some of your favorite seasonal foliage, blooms and greenery. You could also try adding these colors with a decorative floor rug in your entryway or living space to serve as a warm and inviting element of color to round out the space.

If you’re thinking you’d like to go smaller, another great way to bring seasonal color into your home without making a permanent commitment is with bathroom and kitchen towels, candles, candle holders, and with tablescape setting (i.e. placemats, cloth napkins, table cloths and table runners).

Amethyst Orchid Pantone Color

Purple amethyst towels
Image credit:

Reflecting Pond Pantone Color

This candle brings the Reflecting Pond Pantone hue into perfect light. Available from The Candle Lass.

Molten Brown Candle Black Leather Accord & Cade
Image courtesy of Molten Brown

So embrace the upcoming season that will call us to create our own warmth and solace within our homes by incorporating some of these lovely fall colors that can certainly transcend into winter, and even early spring!

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