Roof with sunlight

Eco-Friendly Building Materials: Roofing

Roof with sunlight
Eco friendly building continues to increase in popularity, and is definitely a trend worth highlighting.

While there are many motivations in this effort, one of the biggest draws is energy efficiency to ultimately achieve what builders often refer to as the “tight-envelope”. This term accredits a structure that is built to not only keep out wind and rain, but to also maintain energy efficiency within its walls to keep general costs of this nature to a minimum. The bonus is if this tight envelope concept can be achieved utilizing renewable and or recycled materials.

There are a number or eco-friendly materials and building practices out there to touch base on, but our specific focus for this post is on roofing.

We’ve all heard the logic that if you want to stay cool on a hot day, it’s ideal to wear white as opposed to black because white reflects rather than absorbs the heat. This concept can easily apply to roofing in that a lighter color roof will reflect the suns rays and remain cooler, thus transmitting less heat into your home. The approach not necessarily new, but has been the mainstay idea put into practice in times past. However, modern technology is now allowing for contractors and consumers to choose darker eco-friendly materials that are heat reflective to keep dwellings cooler.

Solar panels are trending nicely into mainstream construction and home improvements. They offer the added benefit of utilizing rays of sunshine for energy usage within a structure or home. This can be a huge perk with tax incentives (check with your state for benefits) and overall cost savings where the energy bill is concerned. The look of solar panels however may not suit the aesthetic taste of your home, which is understandable.

If you prefer the look and feel of darker roofing material with heat reflecting benefits, it’s likely that the price tag will be higher. Eco Home Magazine cited an estimate at $80 or more per square foot. However, experts argue that you’ll be reaping the benefits of a cooler home from the get-go with the decreased energy costs you might otherwise incur with air conditioning or ceiling fans.

The location climate may be the deciding factor when it comes to the ideal roofing choice. If going eco-friendly is your motive make a list of your priorities with this effort and discuss options with your contractor. Chances are they’ll not only provide you with a solid list of choices, but also guide you in the most efficient direction to suit your needs and wants.

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