bright and modern bathroom with chrome tap

Design Within Small Spaces: Bathrooms

bright and modern bathroom with chrome tap

Designing in small spaces can be a tricky task. If you’re up for the challenge, these projects can be almost inviting when you allow your mind to wander with the possibilities. The idea is to trick the eye into believing the space is roomier than it actually is. Keeping the small space appealing without allowing it to feel claustrophobic.

The footprint of a modestly sized bathroom may seem like the smallest piece of the design puzzle, however the strategy of designing within this space may very well require the most creative thought and planning above any room within your home.

There are some basic design elements to keep at the forefront of the planning process when you’re ready to take on this task.

Let’s start from the ground up, shall we?

Flooring may be best kept simple and monochromatic within a small bathroom. Large floor tiles can help to create a more spacious feel, while the trending wood-like tiles can also be attractive if laid out properly. Selecting a grout color within shade range of the chosen tiles can also create a more uniform look. However, some will inevitably prefer more texture or color in their flooring choices, and this can absolutely work if the remaining design choices of the bathroom are coordinated properly. For example – ornate floor tile patterns can be offset with a solid coordinating paint color that plays off the tiles but is bright enough to draw the eye upward.

Hardware should be chosen very precisely for the small bathroom. Pedestal sinks are an ideal choice to give-way for more space. There are also some standard size toilets that are designed slightly smaller to fit nicely within tiny bathroom spaces.

If the space happens to have or call for a full size bathroom as opposed to the basic powder room, most will opt for a stand alone shower. One popular idea is the curbless shower entry to eliminate demarcation of the limited footprint. On the other hand, if this is to be the only bathroom in your home and a tub is a must (and there’s room for it), there are absolutely some befitting choices available. The surrounding tile choices can also help to create a larger feel – think larger squares and horizontal lines created with accent tiles.

Get creative with storage options! Floor to ceiling cabinetry can create an elongated look while providing the added benefit of adequate storage space. Shelving can also provide some becoming storage concepts with the use of baskets to hold basic items. Creative hooks and racks on the back of a door for towels and robes will also alleviate space.

Innovative lighting choices can prove effective in small bathroom spaces to provide a more open feel. Small windows to allow natural light are always a plus. Recessed lighting blends flush into the ceiling while allowing for more flow throughout the space.

Some additional design elements might be seamless or lightly bordered mirrors, and walls with recessed inlets for additional storage opportunity.

Consider working with an interior designer to help you with your small bathroom project. As mentioned before, the puzzles pieces to this room may present the most challenges. The expertise of a designer can help to seamlessly merge your overall decor sense with the desired functions for the room.

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