common home decor mistakes

Common Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

Moving into the home of your dreams or remodeling your current home isn’t easy—especially when trying to decide what to keep and what to toss. Whatever your situation, you should avoid these common home decor mistakes. Doing so will help you settle in quicker as well as maintain or increase your home’s value.

Odd Lighting

Older homes were typically built with only one light fixture in the center of each room. If you’re stuck with this old-fashioned style, swap it out for a more updated look. One overhead light may be fine for the dining area, but not elsewhere. For other areas in your home, make sure there are different lighting methods—lamps are a great option for this. Adding different sources of light can enable you to have a more layered look, which eliminates any spotlight effect.

Creating Center Stage

Create cozy spaces where people will want to converse and feel comfortable. Position area rugs in the center of the room and place furniture accordingly. Keep in mind that the larger the room is, the larger the area rug and furniture need to be. Try to anchor a focal point at one end—like a fireplace or another architectural element. Make certain that you have enough seating. If you have a sectional sofa, have at least one accent chair. For a regular sofa, it’s best to go with two matching chairs.

Themed Rooms

Stay away from too many collectibles or color themed rooms. Using different colors for each room only disrupts the flow of your home. Pick a neutral color and, to switch up the colors throughout rooms, stay within one or two shades darker or lighter. Use collectible pieces sparingly throughout the home.

Painting Techniques

Gone are the days of faux marble trim or sayings and quotes placed over doorways. It’s best to paint each room a solid neutral tone that flows from one room to the next. Trim each room in a contrasting tone throughout—we recommend white or stained natural wood tones.

Outdated Wallpaper Prints

Wallpaper is acceptable if it’s sporting a recent pattern and used as an accent. Use muted tones or textured patterns to draw just enough interest. The goal of wallpaper isn’t to stick out, but to blend and complement. Removing old wallpaper or murals is easy, but it does require work. Once the old stuff is history, plan on replacing the wallpaper or painting instead.

Mirrored Walls

If you must have a mirror, have it in a frame. Decorating with mirrored tiles or closet doors dates a home. The old rule of using mirrors to make a room look larger doesn’t necessarily fit nowadays. Try other tricks like using lighter hues and pulling furniture away from walls to create a roomier feel.

Hang Accordingly

When it comes to hanging art, the old rule still applies. Hang your pieces at the average eye level—57 or 60 inches high. If you have a larger wall, it’s acceptable to go a bit higher or lower, but only with a group of artwork or paintings. Hung portraits are best to have in a group, while original pieces of artwork are best to have as a solo piece to draw interest and conversation. A gallery wall is a unique and distinctive way to display your great artwork.

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