Traditional at Heart

Choosing an Architectural Style For Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about building your dream home, you have probably already narrowed down your list of must-haves and have an idea of what style you would like. When building your home, consider the types of architectural styles that best suit your needs. This question goes beyond design taste and forces you to consider several other factors. Before selecting an architectural style, think about your family and their specific needs. Other details to consider include factors such as your building lot or neighborhood. Many neighborhoods dictate which architectural style you end up having to stick with. If you’re free to completely choose your style, on the other hand, think about how your personality relates to the overall elements.

The Detailed Craftsman

If you’re drawn to wooden elements and low hanging eaves with large front porches, you might find that a craftsman home is just your thing. This style of home first originated in 1905, right here in beautiful Southern California. The American craftsman style has maintained some of its old-world charm and the distinct quality woodwork and hardware create a blend of comfortable yet classic elements. If these charming features and personalized handiwork inspire you, the craftsman home style may be perfect for you.

Dennis Mayer PhotographyDennis Mayer Photography

Craftsman ContemporaryCraftsman Contemporary

The Modern Industrialist

Drawn to clean lines and an open floor plan? If so, you may want to opt for a contemporary-modern style of home. Modern homes are open, clean, and can incorporate surrounding elements by using glass or stone.  Most modern styles blend nicely in urban settings and bring a lower hip roof or a flat line. If you are interested in clean lines, open spaces and simple detailing through the home a modern dwelling may be for you.

The Cape Cod Artisan

If you long for a quaint simplistic life in a quiet neighborhood by the sea, or even along the countryside, a cape cod architectural style just may be perfect for you. The cape cod style originated with European settlers, which creates a deep-rooted historic style at times. Specific traits of a steep roofline adorned with or without dormers are a standard hallmark of this design. Today, you’ll find adaptations of cape cod styles to create more living space.

Adaptations of Cape Cod Styles

The Neoclassical Historian

Neoclassical design began in Italy during the mid-17th century and was mostly used for public buildings and cathedrals. Early American architects brought the design to residential homes featuring large columns with a symmetrical façade. If you find yourself longing for a property mimicking Monticello while entertaining in a grand room with classical music, a neoclassical home is the best architectural style for you.

Traditional at Heart

Wanting to spend more time with family and friends? If so, you may be more suited to a traditional architectural style of home. Traditional homes have taken bits and pieces of other styles to create a sense of ‘true-American.’ While you may find great wood details like a craftsman, your façade may incorporate wooden shingles similar to a traditional cape cod. Here, you will also find country charm with large porches and gabled roof lines.  While your floor plan may be simple, the incorporated design may portray otherwise. These eclectic beauties can also help bridge two styles in order to achieve your blissful design. Plus, traditional homes fit in nicely within most settings.

Traditional at Heart

Work with a professional to discuss the styles of homes you like most or to fine-tune your expectations. Talk with your architect and determine if there are specific elements that continue to display among your choices. You may find that you lean towards a more simplistic lifestyle, therefore tweaking your architectural style.

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