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Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture During SoCal Winter Rain

The onset of El Nino has officially made its appearance here in Southern California, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about some of the precautions one should take to prepare for the onset of the wet winter weather we were inevitably going to experience over the next few months. The holidays are a busy time, so if you weren’t able to check certain items off your El Nino preparation list don’t fret, you can still make plans to get your home prepared for the long rainy days to come.

While we touched base on some of the overall precautions, one area of issue that most of us here in San Diego simply aren’t prepared for is how to care for our outdoor living items during extremely rainy weather. While we can certainly handle patches of rain here and there, a torrential downpour accompanied with high winds stretched out over a long period of time isn’t exactly something we’re used to.

Most outdoor furniture is made to withstand extreme weather conditions. However, as we all know, this type of furniture is an investment, and it’s worth taking some precautions to maintain it. Here are some solutions to consider for your outdoor furniture during wet rainy months.

Secure Your Outdoor Furniture

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The first piece of advice we’d like to offer is to secure certain items such as chairs, tables, and any other lighter weight items to a heavily weighted source to prevent them from being carried off by high winds. Take potted plants and vases off tables and place them either on the ground or in the garage. If certain lighter weight items are hanging loosely on a pergola or nearby tree, either remove them for the season or make sure loose items are securely fastened. If you have the extra room, consider storing chairs and cushions in the garage for the winter. Another great option is to invest in an outdoor storage chest, to store cushions and pillows. If storage is an issue, you’ll want to read our section below on furniture covers.

Invest in Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Being that this space will get little usage during the cold, damp days, it might be worth investing in some outdoor furniture covers. You can always store smaller items such as cushions and dining chairs if you have the extra room. However, larger items can prove to be a challenge where storage is concerned. Outdoor furniture covers can be purchased at a wide array of locations. But if you have a specific style of chair or couch that isn’t standard, can check with the manufacturer to see if they have any covers they recommend for their products. Outdoor furniture covers should be sturdy, waterproof, and maybe even come with a means in which to secure them to the furniture itself to make sure they don’t blow away — covers with an elastic base can be useful here. Outdoor fabrics are typically sturdy, but they’re still prone to fading and worse, mildew. Storing or covering your outdoor furniture is a good idea to protect your investment.

Wicker Furniture

Synthetic wicker is fairly durable and can withstand weather patterns year-round. Natural wicker, on the other hand, is more delicate and should be stored in a dark, dry area (if possible) to prevent the material from becoming too brittle from moisture and sunlight exposure.

Metal Furniture

Chairs and tables with metal framing are also pretty robust but are still prone to rust. Many experts recommend giving the metal framing a coat of wax to keep moisture at bay. If you do discover some rusting, you’ll want to sand it off and give the frame a coat of weather-proof paint, followed by a wax treatment.

Natural Materials

We love our natural wood outdoor furniture here in Southern California! Teak tends to withstand outdoor weather well. Whatever wood your furniture is made of, it’s best to make sure that it has a solid coat of weatherproof sealant to prevent wood rot. While natural woods are quite strong, we still recommend keeping them covered while it’s raining.


Plastic furniture tends to become brittle in winter weather. It’s best to store these items in a dry place until spring.

Lastly, make sure you take safety precautions when performing outdoor chores around your home. Wear slip resistant shoes or boots. Keep a set of clear rain goggles handy in the event you need to perform an outdoor task while it’s pouring out. If you’re a DIY type, we recommend investing in a set of rain gloves too, as they’ll hold a better grip when wet.

What recommendations do you have for maintaining your outdoor furniture during rainy weather? Share with us on our Facebook page.

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