Star Wars Home Theater

A Custom “Star Wars” Themed Home Theater

At Smith Brothers, we are so very fortunate to help our clients build their ultimate dream homes. Taking their visions and crafting them into a reality couldn’t be more gratifying. Our clients do more than inspire us to create and build extraordinary things; we’re invited to go on a journey with them of creating the perfect space they ultimately call, home. The end result of what we collaboratively create never ceases to amaze us.

Building a truly custom home is what we do. We aim to ask the right questions from the get-go, getting down to the finite details to make sure we don’t miss a beat. We do our level best to really get to know our clients — how they live, what their likes (and dislikes) are, what color schemes they like, what styles and time periods might inspire them, and yes, perhaps even get to find out what their favorite movie saga is. In this case, it was “Star Wars.” With the latest movie installment set to hit theaters this month, we thought it might be kind of fun to highlight a project we did for a client who took their love of the epic sci-fi films to the next level. One of our clients asked us to create a home movie theater that would not only emulate the film, but actually allow viewers to slip into the space-age setting, making you feel as though you were traveling through a “galaxy far far away.” Can you imagine watching “Empire Strikes Back” (or even the entire saga) with your favorite droid next to you and an intergalactic map of the surrounding universe?

In the spirit of the release of the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“, here is a look at a custom home theater centered around one man’s love of the epic saga. Enjoy, and “may the force be with you.”

Star Wars home theater5

Star Wars home theater8

Star Wars home theater2Star Wars home theater3   Star Wars themed custom home theater

Star Wars home theater7

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