Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices to Make Your Life Easier

The use of smart home devices can make it easier to do a number of everyday tasks in your home, from turning on lights to keeping your home secure when you leave. These products can also save you a considerable amount of time in addition to providing you with greater convenience.

iRobot Roomba

Regular vacuuming helps cut down on dust, pet dander, and other types of allergens that can trigger sneezing and other symptoms. When you don’t have time to manually vacuum your home, the iRobot Roomba can handle this task for you. This robot vacuum features a HEPA filter that helps reduce small particles in the air, which helps improve the indoor air quality in your home. It also has Lighthouses that allow you to keep the vacuum out of certain areas of your home and provide the ability to preprogram cleanings.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Turning your thermostat up during summer and down a few degrees in winter can help you lower your overall energy usage, but remembering to do so can be hard. With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you don’t have to set up reminders to adjust your thermostat for better efficiency. Instead, this smart thermostat takes care of temperature adjustments by using sensors to keep track of where you are. The Nest Learning Thermostat turns the settings on your thermostat up or down as needed depending on factors such as whether or not you or other family members are home.

Amazon Echo

If you could use new speakers for home audio, the Amazon Echo is a smart investment. This Bluetooth speaker offers high-quality sound for listening to music or podcasts, but it performs a wide range of other functions as well. The Amazon Echo provides several features that make life easier for you, such as the ability to buy items from online stores using voice-activated technology.  You can also use it to find out what the current weather is like before leaving the house or to control other kinds of smart devices in your home.

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

With the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, you never have to guess who’s knocking at your door or ringing your bell. This product has smart features that let you see who it is whether you’re inside your home or elsewhere. The HD video gives you a view of your door, while other features let you hear and speak to your visitor. The SkyBell also has a motion sensor and live monitoring features available, as well as free video recording and color night vision. It’s simple to install and very easy to use. Once you have it set up, the SkyBell Doorbell sends alerts to your smartphone, so you can see and talk to the person at your door.

Electric Car Charging Station

Every home Smith Brothers builds has an EVSE built-in. With electric cars becoming increasingly popular and the majority of electric car charging being done at home, it only makes sense to install a charging station. Just plugging your car into an outlet will only get you an estimated 4 miles for every hour it charges. If you want a faster charge, you will want to install an “Electric Vehicle Service Equipment” (aka EVSE). Installing an EVSE station within your home is an amenity that is convenient, efficient, and has the potential to even lower your electricity bill. Check with your electric company for special rates.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage

Backing out of your garage or pulling into it can be a challenge when you have children running around or items that end up in the way from the wind of storms. The Chamberlain MyQ Garage is a smart garage door opener that gives you an easy way to open and close your garage door safely by tapping the screen on your smartphone. The company is also working on features that will allow these products to sense when you’re about to pull in and when your car is parked, so it can open and close automatically.

Having one or more of these devices in your home can help make it more efficient, safer, and more comfortable to live in. Keep in mind that there are many other smart home devices available on the market as well.

Looking to install or upgrade a home automation system in your home in California or Hawaii but can’t decide which direction to go? We get it. The choices can be overwhelming and our talented team might be able to offer some advice in this arena. Contact Smith Brothers to see how we can help you!

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